Footage (Victor): 5-1

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Footage (Victor) Stage: 5-1 (Story)



I had accepted a job writing a news piece and doing a follow-up report on an upcoming audition.
To be fully prepared for the piece, I needed to do my homework about the items up for auction. Victor was the perfect person to ask.
I went to Victor's office first thing in the morning to ask for his help.
Victor: Why are you asking me when you can find information on these items on the internet?
MC: There are a few items that don't have much information on the internet.
MC: You have a profound knowledge of antiques, so do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
Victor: I'm busy. I have no time for this.
MC: It's okay. I can wait. I just need 20 minutes.
Victor: I have meetings the whole day. You can wait if you'd like.
Victor left the office after saying that. I prepared for the report while waiting for Victor.
Time passed. Just like he said, Victor had meetings one after another for the whole day.
Victor came out of the meeting room in the evening.
MC: Do you have time now?
Victor tossed me a bunch of files and entered the elevator.
That cold-hearted capitalist...
But as I looked through the files, I found it was detailed information on all the items. The answers were all here.
Did Victor put this together himself? Surely he's too busy. He must've had Goldman make this.
I thought he didn't take my request seriously. Maybe there's a soft side under that cold exterior after all.


With permission from Moonchild