Footage (Victor): 4-7

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Footage (Victor) Stage: 4-7 (Story)



I was feeling a little hungover after a night of drinking.
As the bosses were talking, I went to the rooftop for some fresh air.
I took off my high heels and leaned on the guardrail, admiring the beautiful city nightscape.
Victor: Are you okay?
I looked back. It's Victor.
MC: What are you doing here?
Victor: Am I not allowed to be here?
Victor: You should just refuse the drink if you can't handle it. A wise person knows her limits.
MC: If you know that I can't drink, then don't take me to those dinners next time.
Victor: That's an excuse. Don't try to change the subject. I brought you here so you can cultivate contacts.
MC: But you have to drink when you're networking. Isn't that how it works?
Victor: Smart people would work around their weaknesses to achieve their goals. Apparently you're not a smart person.
MC: (Pouting) I am too! You can stop ridiculing me. I've been under a lot of pressure.
I shout into the air, trying to release some of it.
MC: Aaahh—
Victor: Is that how you deal with stress? It's really silly.
MC: It's very useful! I yell at the sky every time I'm in a bad mood.
MC: It's like throwing your bad feelings into the trah bin. Do you wanna try?
MC: (Cupping hands to mouth) Aaaahhh—
Victor rolled his eyes at me and then turned his back. I could see a smile forming on his face.
Maybe it was the shouting, maybe it was the unspoken encouragement hiding behind Victor's words, but I was feeling much better.


With permission from Moonchild