Footage (Victor): 4-1

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Footage (Victor) Stage: 4-1 (Story)



Today, I'm going to record a live reality show about hiring. I reached the studio one hour earlier than usual.
While preparing for the shoot, an intern in the lighting department made a mistake.
I called the intern aside for a talk, then gave him some encouragement and sent him back to work.
When I turned around, I saw Victor standing right behind me.
MC: You're here so early. You can go wait in the guests's chair.
Victor: If I were you, I wouldn't give him the chance to make a mistake again.
MC: Did you just overhear that? He's an intern, so I want to give him the opportunity to learn.
Victor: The workplace is a battlefield. If he wants to learn, he can learn at school. Not here.
MC: (Argumentative) But everyone needs time to adjust to the real world.
MC: Me included. You gave me that chance, didn't you?
Looking at my resolute expression, Victor suddenly smiled.
Victor: Giving opportunities means taking risks. I saw the possibilities in you, and I was willing to take the risk.
Victor left before I could think about the meaning of his words.
His words left the impression that he wasn't the same, high-and-mighty Victor as usual.


With permission from Moonchild