Footage (Victor): 3-7

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Footage (Victor) Stage: 3-7 (Story)



The banquet was over. It was late at night. I changed my clothes and waited for a taxi on the roadside in my high heels.
But I can't seem to flag one down.
I walked alongside the road slowly, very tired.
At this moment, some headlights illuminate the road. A car slowly pulled up next to me.
Victor: Get in.
I looked at the empty road. There was no sign of any taxis.
I hesitated for a few seconds, but I finally got in.
I told the driver my home address and then sat still next to Victor in the backseat. A feeling of awkwardness filled the cab of the car.
I looked out of the window. The streaming progression of buildings with their neon lights made a colorful picture.
Maybe I'd had too much to drink, or maybe I was just plain exhausted, but I soon fell asleep.
The car stopped suddenly, and my head wich was leaning against the window swung around to lean on Victor's shoulder.
Victor: Hey, hey...
He propped my head up, but it fell on his shoulder again.
Victor sighed resignedly and let me be.
I would be amused to see his helpless face if I was awake.
MC: (Sleep talking) Victor...
Victor: Yes?
MC: (Sleep talking) I will! I will impress you...
Victor: ...Idiot.


With permission from Moonchild