Footage (Victor): 2-7

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Footage (Victor) Stage: 2-7 (Story)



When I got to Victor's office, he was preoccupied with work. I waited silently and didn't dare disturb him...
I hadn't gotten any rest over the past few days from editing the film, so I felt sleepy and yawned.
He noticed it.
Victor: (Looking at a file) I saw the film. Better than I expected.
I mentally take a sigh of relief but still proceed carefully.
MC: There will be some adjustments before the broadcast to make it better.
Victor closed the files and looked up at me.
Victor: Are you working overtime tonight?
MC: I don't think so. The editor asked for leave tonight.
Victor: Good.
Victor: I'm taking you to a concert tonight, so that you can improve your music appreciation, as a producer.
MC: A concert? Classical music?
Victor nodded.
Do we have plans to make a music program? Victor usually doesn't concern himself with this kind of stuff.
The invitation made me feel a bit overwhelmed.
Victor spoke again as if he knew what I was thinking.
Victor: Classical music is like antiques. People think it's old-fashioned, but you'll undertsand its charm once you've really experienced it.
MC: Okay...
Victor: Sit down. Wait for me to finsih this last file.
I sat to the side and watched Victor hard at work. What can I observe from Victor?


With permission from Moonchild