Footage (Victor): 2-1

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Footage (Victor) Stage: 2-1 (Story)



To film a treasure appraisal program, I went to Victor's antique collection room.
I was astonished to see a room full of such priceless collectables.
MC: It felt like I was walking in a museum.
Victor smiled and said nothing.
MC: Are you sure that I can borrow one to film for the program?
Victor: As I promised. You can pick one of them.
I looked carefully through the collection. My eyes fixed on a porcelain vase.
MC: (Murmuring) Glaze, ornamentation, style...
Victor: (Victor's mouth twitches) You know about these?
MC: You shouldn't underestimate me. I have done my homework.
Actually, it's just some information I gleaned from an internet search.
I prayed that Victor wouldn't ask me more. As I moved away, I accidentally knocked the vase behind me.
MC: Oh my God!
The vase teetered. Fortunately, Victor managed to stabilize it.
MC: I...I'm sorry.
I waited silently for Victor's storm-like criticism. To my surprise, he wasn't angry.
Victor: It's okay. Be careful.
What happened to the miserly bean-counting Victor?
Victor: I know what you're thinking. You couldn't afford it if you broke it.
MC: So you don't blame me for that, and you'll allow me to borrow it?
Victor: Think of it as an investment in you.
MC: An investment in me?
Victor: I'm sure you won't let me down.
He's still the same Victor. He just looks at me. I feel like I've dug myself into a big hole.
I feel some pressure again. This shoot has got to go well!


With permission from Moonchild