Footage (Victor): 1-7

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Footage (Victor) Stage: 1-7 (Story)



The dinner is almost over. The dessert has come.
I watched as the waiter served me an exquisite piece of cake. The frosting on it shone under the light.
Victor: Don't you like it?
MC: (Startled) It's not like that...
Victor: Constantly looking over at the dessert on the table next to us is not exactly proper behavior.
MC: I...I'm sorry.
Victor: Try some of the red.
MC: (Suprised) Excuse me?
Victor: I said try the red wine. Don't you like red wine?
MC: So, are you an expert on red wines?
Victor: I wouldn't say I'm an expert. I just enjoy them, is all.
MC: So you built a big winery.
Victor: If you hold the glass like that, the heat from your palm will ruin the taste of the wine.
Victor's eyes lingered on my glass.
He reached out, and his hand touched mine.
MC: I see...
Victor: For me, there's really no big difference between an expensive red wine and a common red wine.
MC: Why?
Victor: Because in the end it's all just grapes, fermented and filtered. The expensive one is only so because of some other added value.
He stopped smiling. His eyes looked misted under the dim light of the restaurant.
He seemed to be so different from the cold boss I've known. He looked more like an elegant gentleman.


With permission from Moonchild