Footage (Victor): 1-1

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Footage (Victor) Stage: 1-1 (Story)



Today, I'm going to make a documentary about red wine. I'm standing in Victor's winery. It's so big.
MC: Victor, thank you for...
Victor: You're welcome.
MC: Okay...
I couldn't help but feel a bit nervous to film in front of such a grim investor.
Victor: If I didn't let you film my winery, what would you have done instead?
MC: ...
MC: Maybe change the topic?
Victor gave me a look.
Victor: (Frowning) I may have to reconsider the pulled funding...
MC: (Trying to explain) In fact, we have a lot of back up topics prepared!
Victor: You actually still have another choice.
MC: Well?
Victor: Persuade me and make me change my mind.
It may be harder to convince you than to work out more backup topics.
Victor: (Looking at me) You've persuaded me to call off pulling the funding before.
Victor: Don't you have the confidence to do it now?


With permission from Moonchild