Footage (Lucien): 6-1

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Footage (Lucien) Stage: 6-1 (Story)



I'm going to make a documentary about the brain, so I sought out Lucien to be a consultant.
To teach me the basics about brain science, Lucien brought me to a science museum.
The interesting exhibitions and Lucien's explanations gave me a basic understanding of brain science.
MC: I didn't expect the exhibition to be so interesting. I thought these kind of things were boring.
Lucien: (Smiling) This is just a general introduction to the science.
MC: I thought a liberal arts student like me would never understand science. But it seems that it's not that impossible.
Lucien: In fact, science and the arts are similar. They are both a way of understanding the world.
Lucien: They are like the two sides of a coin. One side is emotional; the other is rational. Just like people.
MC: Well. Every person has their own tendencies. My guess is that you're more rational.
Lucien: Is that what you think?
MC: Well, you're an excellent multitasker. It seems that you always have everything under control.
MC: Lucien, I'm curious. Is there anything that you can't do?
Lucien: Yes.
MC: (Curious) And what might that be?
Lucien: It's... a secret.
MC: I thought you'd say that because you are a scientist you can master anything.
Lucien suddenly smiled. His eyes seemed to be asking me why.
MC: Because to me, you seem almost omnipotent. At any rate, your analytical way of thinking can be applied to any show I do.
MC: Thank you, Lucien. I always feel at ease with you by my side.
Lucien looked at me with a smile in his eyes.


With permission from Moonchild