Footage (Lucien): 5-7

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Footage (Lucien) Stage: 5-7 (Story)



The lights go out at the premiere, and everyone's attention focused on the projector.
The movie began. Sitting in the cinema, I nervously watched the response of the audience.
Every movement of the surrounding audience sets my nerves on edge.
Suddenly, a hand took my hand by surprise.
My heartbeat quickened. I looked up at Lucien. He was watching the movie with his hand on mine.
The warmth of his hand eased my distress. The audience was mostly pleased by the movie.
MC: (Whispering) Thank you, Lucien.
Lucien: (Smile) Do you remember the condition that you promised me?
MC: Yes?
Before I could react, a big hand covered my eyes right at the most intense part of the movie.
All I could see was Lucien's palm.
In my ear I hear a soft voice saying, "Don't be afraid."


With permission from Moonchild