Footage (Lucien): 5-1

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Footage (Lucien) Stage: 5-1 (Story)



I'm going to make a suspense movie about psychology. I wanted to ask Lucien to be the consultant for the movie.
So I went to Lucien's institute early in the morning.
I saw Lucien having a meeting with some researchers through the window.
The calendar on the desk seemed completely filled with appointments.
I sat on the sofa and soon fell asleep.
It was noon when I woke up. Lucien's smiling face was right in front of me
Lucien: Are you awake? I didn't know that you were here. would've ended my meeting early.
MC: It's okay. Have you been busy lately?
Lucien: Yes. Seminars, lectures, and research. Every day booked solid.
MC: (In a low voice) I see...
Lucien: Well, what brings you here?
MC: There's a thing I wanted to ask you. Since you're so busy, I guess I'll have to find another way to get it done.
Lucien: Oh? What makes you think I'd refuse?
MC: I've been enough trouble to you lately...
Lucien: I'll do it.
MC: Are you sure?
Lucien: But I have one condition.
MC: (Curiously) What's the condition?
Lucien: (A mysterious smile) I'll tell you when I think of something.
I never thought Lucien would say yes. I know the movie will be successful with his help, but I'm curious about what his condition will be.


With permission from Moonchild