Footage (Lucien): 4-7

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Footage (Lucien) Stage: 4-7 (Story)



Lucien and I were playing with the kids. A little troublemaker asked Lucien to perform a magic trick.
All the kids huddled around Lucien, anxiously waiting to see it.
I looked at Lucien, feeling awkward for him, but Lucien just winked at me.
Lucien grabbed a big bottle of soda from the table.
Lucien: (Facing the kids) Are you ready? Witness a moment of magic.
The kids stared at the soda bottle on the ground holding their breath. Lucien put a small green ball into the bottle.
"Bang!" The soda exploded like a geyser.
I was surprised and a little amazed.
The kids burst into laughter.
Child: Wow, that's so awesome! A cola volcano!
The kids started copying what Lucien did and made a bunch of cola fountains. The playground was filled with the sweet smell of soda.
I smiled while trying to cover my head with my hand.
Lucien stretched out his coat over my head to keep off the cola bubbles.
MC: Lucien, how did you do that? This is pretty cool!
Lucien: It's a secret!
Lucien's smile is so warm. I've never seen him so happy.


With permission from Moonchild