Footage (Lucien): 4-1

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Footage (Lucien) Stage: 4-1 (Story)



I want to make a public service program about special needs schools to bring attention to the kids and their needs.
I went to the laboratory to invite Lucien to come on the show as an expert. Lucien smiled when he learned my intention.
Lucien: Public service program? I'm afraid there are a few concerns...
MC: What's wrong?
Lucien: Answer me one question first.
Lucien: Do you really think this will come across the way you're hoping it will?
Lucien: I read the proposal. I'm afraid the content is likely to be considered hypocritical by the public.
Lucien: So, MC, think twice before you take the risk.
MC: Lucien, thank you. I agree with what you're saying.
MC: The current show plan actually doesn't fully make the case I want to make. I'll work on it.
MC: But the topic is something I've always wanted to pursue, and I'm willing to take the risk.
MC: Will you help me?
Lucien: I have many reasons to refuse... but I'll do it for you.
I listened to Lucien's advice and revised the proposal.
I kept thinking of Lucien. He could have refused my request, but he still said yes.
Maybe he is not so elusive after all...


With permission from Moonchild