Footage (Lucien): 3-1

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Footage (Lucien) Stage: 3-1 (Story)



We're going to make a show which helps mediate problems between parents and their children.
Lucien knows psychology. Maybe I can ask him to be a guest.
With this in mind, I went to Lucien.
Lucien: You really think so? Then I might disappoint you.
MC: Why?
Lucien: I'm only good at scientific research.
MC: But you always seem to know what I'm thinking.
Lucien: Because you're special. I can't help trying to learn more about you.
MC: But... You're so patient and attentive with everyone around you.
Lucien: You really want me to come?
MC: (Nodding) Yes!
Lucien: (Smiling) I hope I won't let you down.
MC: (Delighted) You've never let me down before!
Lucien said yes to my invitation. With him as the guest, I'm sure tomorrow's filming will be successful.


With permission from Moonchild