Footage (Lucien): 2-7

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Footage (Lucien) Stage: 2-7 (Story)



As usual, Lucien's lecture has no empty seats. His humorous style of teaching makes the audience laugh a lot.
The sun shone down on the brown desk from the window. It's all so warm and comfortable.
I closed my eyes and listened to Lucien's soothing voice.
The classroom is empty when I wake up. A coat is covering my shoulders.
Lucien: Are you awake?
Following the voice, I saw Lucien reading next to me.
MC: How.... How did I fall asleep?
Lucien: (Smiling) I want to know that too. Was my lecture too boring?
MC: No, no. It was very interesting.
MC: Sorry. I must have been too tired from work...
Lucien: It's okay if I put you to sleep, as long as you slept well.
I tried to take off the coat and give it to Lucien.
Lucien: Keep it. It's cold outside. Let me accompany you home.
He put the coat on me carefully.
Walking with Lucien in the cool night breeze, I felt at ease.


With permission from Moonchild