Footage (Lucien): 1-7

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Footage (Lucien) Stage: 1-7 (Story)



After work, Lucien and I took a long walk.
The dim light stretched our shadows long and thin.
MC: Lucien.
Lucien: (Smiling) Yes?
MC: Thank you...
Lucien: (Laughing)
MC: What are you laughing at?
Lucien: Every time you ask me to help you out, you say thank you in a reserved manner.
Lucien: (Raising his eyebrows) Why? Are you scared of me?
MC: (Quickly waving my hand) No. I just want to thank you sincerely.
MC: I was trying to... umm... uh...
Why am I stuttering?
I'm not usually like that.
Lucien: You are welcome.
MC: Huh?
Lucien: Take it easy.
Lucien: I didn't help you to make you feel indebted to me.
MC: Okay...
Lucien: And I'm just helping out when I can...
MC: It's good to know you.
Lucien glanced at me and smiled gently.
MC: This is me...
MC: Thank you for walking me home.
Lucien and I stood under the streetlight, the warm yellow lights shining on us.
MC: Umm...
Lucien: Can you do something for me?
Lucien: Don't be so afraid of me.
Lucien: You don't have to be so reserved when you're with me.
MC: Okay...
Lucien: I'm looking forward to it. Good night.
Lucien waved at me and then left.
I watched him walking away.
He is really hard to understand.


With permission from Moonchild