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Footage (Lucien) Stage: 1-1 (Story)



Today, we're recording a show about classical poetry. It needs to be refined and sophisticated.
I invited Lucien to be a guest. I thought since his specialty is neuroscience that he wouldn't participate in a poetry show, but he said yes.
MC: Actually, he shouldn't just be labeled a neuroscientist. He's more like an all-around genius type.
As I'm thinking this, Lucien waved at me from afar.
MC: Lucien, thank you for coming, even though the topic is classical poetry.
Lucien: You look worried. Why? You don't have confidence in me?
MC: (Waving hands) I didn't mean that.
Lucien: If you don't think I can do it, you can replace me.
He looked at me gently, which made me feel a little uneasy.
MC: No. It's not like that.
MC: I think there's no one better than you.
MC: (Turning around) Attention guys! We are about to start!
Lucien smiled upon hearing my words.


With permission from Moonchild