Footage (Kiro): 6-7

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Footage (Kiro) Stage: 6-7 (Story)



At the end of the concert, Kiro grabbed me and brought me to the front of the stage.
MC: Kiro, what are you doing?
He didn't reply and just put me in a seat in the middle of the first row.
Kiro: (Seriously) You were too busy to watch my performance just now. How about a private show!
Suddenly, the exhaustion of work disappeared.
With my eyes wide open, I looked into Kiro's deep eyes.
Kiro: (Chuckles) Watch carefully.
Kiro turned around and jumped onto the stage gracefully.
My eyes followed him everywhere on the stage.
Kiro: (Smiling) This is a song I just finished making. And now I'm going to sing it for the first time to you.
Kiro: Actually, this song was originally written for...
...For whom?
There was no music, no lights, no dancers. Just Kiro's delicate acapella singing.
He smiled and looked at me gently.
Kiro: Softly blowing breeze, moonlight's tender glow
His dark eyes sparkle like fireworks. One look can make a person feel lost in their vast depths.
Kiro: Once again we meet within a dream.
My heart beats faster.
Kiro: You are the one I always want to see. Don't you know how much you mean to me?
I wish that time would pass slower...
I can't keep my eyes off Kiro. I could watch him do this forever...


With permission from Moonchild