Footage (Kiro): 6-1

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Footage (Kiro) Stage: 6-1 (Story)



Kiro is going to have a concert tour! And he asked me to be the designer and director of the concert!
I was really looking forward to this opportunity, so I prepared tons of ideas, hoping to meet Kiro's standards.
Kiro was rehearsing when I got to the training room. He always looks so handsome and cool when hes dancing.
He walked over to me after the song ended. I was handing out some snacks I brought for the crew.
Kiro: (Opening a bag of chips) You know me so well, Miss Chips.
MC: Kiro, I've prepared some proposals for the concert. Take a look.
I nervously waited as Kiro read through them one by one.
Kiro looked very serious after finishing.
Kiro: Are these all your ideas?
MC: (Uneasy) Yes, what do you think?
Kiro: (Smiling) I knew I could could depend on you! And I'm always right!
I felt relieved.
MC: I promise you, I will design a unique and special show befitting a Kiro world tour!
Kiro gave me a high five with a big smile on his face, his eyes shining like starlight.


With permission from Moonchild