Footage (Kiro): 5-7

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Footage (Kiro) Stage: 5-7 (Story)



Kiro and I stared at the screen. We cheered when we saw the new album's popularity explode.
MC: That's great! Thank goodness! It's topping every site!
We gave each other a high five.
Kiro: What we really need now is some celebratory munchies!
MC: I don't have any food, but...
I opened the office closet and took out a few cans of beer.
MC: But there's beer!
Kiro: Uh, hiding beer in the office?! I've never seen that side of you before...
MC: (Embarrassed) Haha. Sometimes a girl's gotta relax.
MC: Besides, it's safer to drink in the office than at a bar.
Kiro: Haha! What kind of celebration would this be without beer!
Kiro opened a beer and handed it over to me.
Kiro: Here, cheers!
MC: Cheers!
Kiro: To our hard work! To our imagination! To out Turkish kabob! And to our microwave!
Soon we were surrounded by empty cans. I could feel the world spinning and saw several Kiros in front of me.
Kiro: Miss Chips, are you drunk?
I shook my head and stumbled forward accidentally.
I fell on a warm shoulder.
And I quickly fell asleep.


With permission from Moonchild