Footage (Kiro): 5-1

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Footage (Kiro) Stage: 5-1 (Story)



Kiro's new album is dropping at last! It's been two years since his last album was released.
Kiro is known for being demanding. So his new album quickly become a hot topic.
Surprisingly, Kiro wanted me to direct the music video of his most anticipated song.
I was still thinking about it when he knocked on my office door.
Kiro: Hey, Miss Chips. Have you made a decision?
MC: Kiro, I'm happy that you came to me. But I'm not sure that I can do it.
MC: I can make a good show, but a music video? I don't know. I...
Kiro: What's this? I've never seen you like this. You're always so confident.
MC: I made a music video during college and everyone laughed at it.
MC: So whenever someone mentions "music video", that feeling comes back to haunt me.
Kiro: Really? Now I'm curious! Can I see it?
I couldn't talk Kiro out of it, so I showed him the video.
As expected, Kiro laughed from the beginning to the end. I turned it off a little angry.
Kiro: Are you really mad at me? I actually thought it was very interesting.
Kiro talked to me excitedly about the video. To my surprise, he noticed every single nuance of it.
Kiro: You have to be my music video director now. I believe in you!
He looked at me earnestly with his sincere, shining eyes.


With permission from Moonchild