Footage (Kiro): 4-7

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Footage (Kiro) Stage: 4-7 (Story)



After the show hit the airwaves, Kiro and Chik's date turned the internet inside-out.
As expected, Kiro becomes a top-trending term.
Kiro is now reading through posts and joking about them.
Kiro: Wow, the first scandalous news coverage of my life. Did you know that? I've always had zero gossip since becoming famous.
Kiro: Although I've been trying hard to avoid malicious rumors, sometimes they just find you.
MC: I'm sorry for stirring up trouble for you, Kiro.
Looking at my regretful face, Kiro burst into laughter.
Kiro: I'm joking! It's okay!
Seeing me still distressed, Kiro opened his mouth again.
Kiro: I don't care about those rumors because they aren't true.
Kiro: You know what? I actually appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this show.
Kiro: I realize that I do want somebody to love.
MC: No matter what, I will always support you.
Kiro raised his arm and touched my hair.
He looked at me gently, smiling.
I blushed as we looked into each other eyes and turned my head away.


With permission from Moonchild