Footage (Kiro): 4-1

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Footage (Kiro) Stage: 4-1 (Story)



I'm going to make a fake romance show. Kiro and Chik will be together as a couple for a day.
Although I knew that Kiro didn't like these types of shows, I asked him to be a part of it, and he said yes.
Now I'm at the shoot. Kiro waved to me from afar.
Kiro: Good morning, Miss Chips.
MC: Good morning, Kiro. Thanks for doing the show.
Kiro: Haha, I may have had to think about it if someone else asked me to do it.
MC: Oh?
Kiro: I guess I just can't say no to you.
I lowered my head in embarrassment. I hope everything goes well and that it won't turn into a hassle for Kiro.
The director called Kiro over.
I watched as Kiro and Chik stand next to each other.
They seemed to be the perfect match.
I shook my head to drive away the thought. The shoot was about to start. I needed to be prepared.


With permission from Moonchild