Footage (Kiro): 3-7

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Footage (Kiro) Stage: 3-7 (Story)



Kiro and I left when the movie was almost over. We were now in the dressing room.
MC: Why not wait until the end and then go?
Kiro: We could've been blocked in at the stage. The cinema is too small. I don't want to cause any trouble.
Kiro: Just let everyone enjoy the movie.
I didn't expect Kiro, usually so carefree, to be so considerate.
MC: Well, I'm a little sad.
Kiro: For what?
MC: For missing the ending of course! Even though I know the story, I wanted to see how it turns out in the movie.
Thinking about the plot, I didn't notice Kiro walking toward me.
I stepped back nervously. His hand slapped the wall as he cornered me.
Oh, my God! Is Kiro putting the moves on me!?
His deep eyes stare into mine as he inches closer!
My heart starts beating so fast!
Just when his face gets close enough that I can feel his breathe, he stands back and laughs.
Kiro: That's it...
MC: What?
Kiro: That's how the movie ends. I just showed it to you!
So it was an act...
Seeing Kiro's playful look, I chuckled.


With permission from Moonchild