Footage (Kiro): 3-1

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Footage (Kiro) Stage: 3-1 (Story)



Today is the first day shooting the comedy "Nine Bad Men Out Of Ten".
I opened the door of the dressing room and saw Kiro contorting his face violently.
MC: Good morning, Kiro! What are you doing?
Kiro: I'm practicing. I've never been in a comedy. I'm trying to relax my face to get bigger expressions.
I leaned in closer and watch. I couldn't help laughing out loud.
Kiro: No matter what terrible face I make, I still look so handsome! It's so annoying!
MC: Kiro, you are really narcissistic!
Kiro: (Winking) It's not narcissism. It's confidence.
Kiro turned around. I noticed that his buttons were askew.
MC: Right. The confident Kiro doesn't even know how to button up his shirt.
I smiled and helped him button it up properly. I looked up and met Kiro's eyes.
He pulled back his exaggerated expression and just smiled.
I tried to avoid his eye contact and put down my hands.
Kiro: Thank you. Miss Chips.
MC: You're welcome. The shoot is going to start. Let's go and get ready.


With permission from Moonchild