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Footage (Kiro) Stage: 2-7 (Story)



The TV show has dominated the trending charts since it aired. The reviews may be mixed, but boy is it popular.
The trailer of Kiro giving his first on-screen kiss went viral.
I thought Kiro would be happy to have so much attention, but he made a post saying: *Sign*
He seemed unhappy. I sent a message to him.
MC: What's with the pouting?
Kiro: I don't know how to say it. It's complicated.
MC: I think I can understand.
Kiro: You know what I'm thinking?
MC: The trailer?
Kiro: Yes. I put a lot of thought into my performance for that scene! But all people want to talk about is the kiss...
MC: Your efforts will be appreciated.
Kiro: Really?
MC: Of course. Don't you trust me as your loyal fan?
Kiro: You're not just my fan. You're the producer of the show!
Kiro: So what's my reward for doing such a good job?
I froze. I didn't know how to answer.
MC: ...Reward? I'll...go to the gym with you?
Kiro: The gym?!...Well you really know how to celebrate...
I burst into laughter, just imagining the frustrated look on Kiro's face.
Kiro: No gym! How about hotpot?
What a foodie.
MC: Alright. Which restaurant?
Kiro: I know a good place. I'll pick you up Saturday night!
I put down the phone. Thinking of the coming weekend and Kiro, I smiled.