Footage (Kiro): 2-1

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Footage (Kiro) Stage: 2-1 (Story)



The company's poured a lot of money into a youth-oriented show and has booked Kiro, the superstar idol, to play the lead male role.
I see Kiro at a production meeting. He looks distraught.
MC: Kiro, what happened? You look a bit down...
He turned around, looking out the window. His eyes were brimming with sadness.
I've never seen Kiro like this. I'm worried about him and hurry to comfort him.
MC: Kiro, talk to me. What happened?
Seeing my reaction, Kiro burst into laughter.
Kiro: That's good acting, right?
MC: You freaked me out...
Kiro: (Winking) I've been studying the script lately. I was practicing getting into a state of despair.
MC: I see. So that's Kiro the actor!
Kiro raised his hand and gave me a high five.
Kiro: I'd rather be called Kiro the actor than Kiro the star. You know me best, MC.
MC: (Looking at him shyly) I'm looking forward to your performance!
Kiro: (Smiling) I won't let you down!


With permission from Moonchild