Footage (Kiro): 1-7

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Footage (Kiro) Stage: 1-7 (Story)



I sit down with Kiro at the gym, tired.
Sweat keeps dripping from Kiro's face.
MC: (Exhausted) Why did you have to drag me here? You're the one who wants to lose weight!
MC: I didn't eat anything during the shoot...
Kiro: I gained several pounds because of your show.
Kiro: Exercise is painful. And misery loves company.
Kiro: I can't be fat. My fans wouldn't like it.
MC: (Sizing him up) Actually...You don't look a pound heavier.
Kiro: But I can feel it.
Kiro: I'm not perfect on screen if I feel fat.
Though Kiro is sometimes very stubborn, when it comes to his work, he holds himself to a rigorous standard.
He's like this on set too.
MC: (Exclaiming) A truly perfect idol. The real deal.
Kiro: Well said! My "biggest" fan!
Kiro ran away after saying that.
MC: (Laughing and chasing him) What did you just call me?
Kiro hid behind the fitness equipment, looking at me with his bright eyes.
MC: How can you run so fast?
Kiro: Come to the gym with me from now on.
MC: What? What did you say?
Kiro: I said, exercise with me in the future! It's not as boring with you here.
He raised his chin in a self-satisfied way and looked at me smilingly.


With permission from Moonchild