Footage (Kiro): 1-1

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Footage (Kiro) Stage: 1-1 (Story)



Today, I'm going to make a cuisine show with Kiro.
Kiro: (Waving) MC! I'm here!
MC: Wow, you came so early today.
Kiro: Today's show is going to be delicious. I just can't wait.
Kiro: (Excited) When do we start?
MC: Wait a minute. The camera's not ready yet.
Kiro: But I'm here with an empty stomach.
Kiro: Let's go to a nearby restaurant to have a look then!
Before I can react, Kiro is dragging me to a restaurant...
MC: Wait...
Kiro: You have a few minutes before the camera is ready, right? Let's go to this one. The food looks great!
MC: Wait, Kiro...
Kiro: What should I order? How about this? Hey, one bowl of udon noodles please!
MC: Do you have any money with you? My wallet is back on the seat...
Kiro: (Calling assistant) Have you reached the udon noodle?... You're still on the Chinese spicy lobster?
Kiro: Then when you cross the matcha cake, don't forget to bring me a blueberry cheesecake.
MC: Don't eat too much. The shoot will start soon.


With permission from Moonchild