Footage (Gavin): 6-7

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Footage (Gavin) Stage: 7-1 (Story)



Gavin accompanied me home after the screening. He was unusually quiet.
MC: Gavin, you've been so quiet. What's wrong?
Gavin: I've been thinking a lot about the past.
MC: Oh? Can you tell me?
Gavin: Sometimes things are destined. Your birth, your family, where you grow up. They determine your choices.
Gavin: Like you making a film about my life. Maybe it's part of my destiny.
This is the first time I've heard Gavin talk about these kinds of things...
MC: Gavin, this film will give everyone a better understanding of your job, but it means something more to me.
MC: I get to learn more about you.
MC: I hope I can help you, whether it's with an investigation, or in your life...
Gavin stood still and looked at me with his eyes sparkling.
I looked up.
MC: Don't you trust me?
MC: You've always been a help to me. I want to be a person that you can depend on...
Before I could finish my sentence, Gavin reached out his hand and patted my head.
Gavin: I trust you!
I could feel his warmth on my head.
Gavin gave me the firmest look I've ever seen.


With permission from Moonchild