Footage (Gavin): 5-7

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Footage (Gavin) Stage: 5-7 (Story)



After organizing the material, I wanted to invite Gavin to a nice dinner, but we ended up eating take-out.
MC: Gavin, thank you so much for your help.
I feel bad that we're just sharing take-out.
MC: Next time, I'll take you to a nice restaurant.
Gavin: I'm not too picky about food. This is fine.
Gavin is easy-going about everything.
I saw a lot of instant noodles in his pantry just now. Is that really his normal diet? I feel worried.
MC: Gavin, instant noodles are not very healthy.
Gavin: I'm in great health, so don't worry.
MC: But...
I had an idea. We don't have to work tomorrow. Maybe I could make some food for Gavin. I tried to ask him about what he likes.
MC: Gavin, what's your favorite food?
Gavin: I'm not a picky eater.
MC: Just tell me your favorite.
Gavin: Just normal stuff...
Ugh... It was like talking to a wall...
MC: (Whispering) Alright. I'll decide what to make then.
I dropped my chopsticks on the floor while I was thinking.
I bent over to pick them up and happened to bump heads with Gavin who was doing the same.
Gavin reflexively reached out to steady me.
He picked up the chopsticks dropped and gave me another unopened pack.
MC: Gavin... It's okay. Give them to me.
With his head down, he wiped off the ones that fell and started eating with them.
Gavin was using the chopsticks I was just using...
Gavin: No matter what you make, I'll like it.
Did I say that out loud? The light in the room became gentle and warm as I looked at Gavin. My heart started to beat faster.


With permission from Moonchild