Footage (Gavin): 4-7

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Footage (Gavin) Stage: 4-7 (Story)



The audience trickled out of the venue. Gavin and I sat in the auditorium and looked at the empty stage.
Gavin took a deep breath. I looked at him curiously.
MC: Gavin, what's wrong?
Gavin: ...It's a nightmare.
MC: (Chuckling) You mean the show you were in just now?
Gavin: I wasn't even that nervous during my first mission...
MC: I think I can give you a nickname, Mr. Awkward Conversation. The host was totally embarrassed chatting with you. Did you see that?
Gavin scratched his head and looked helpless, like cute child.
MC: Thank you, Gavin. I know you don't need me to say that. I just wanted to tell you...
Gavin: I promised you that I would do my best.
He kept looking at my ear.
I looked at him, confused. Gavin reached out his hand and pushed some of my hair back behind my ear.
My face blushed from his touch.
Gavin took back his hand and looked away, embarrassed. I could see his ear turn red.


With permission from Moonchild