Footage (Gavin): 4-1

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Footage (Gavin) Stage: 4-1 (Story)



The company was going to make a documentary about fighting skills, so I asked Gavin to help provide a demonstration.
For the shoot, I went to Gavin's secret base again. Gavin was practicing in the mixed martial arts area.
His fists were fast and forceful, and his moves were agile and flexible. I couldn't take my eyes off him.
Gavin stopped when he saw me.
MC: Wow, Gavin! You're so good at this!
Gavin: I haven't been practicing a lot and some of my moves are rusty, so I was trying to get ready for the shoot.
MC: Thanks, Gavin. You are absolutely perfect for this job.
Gavin handed me the script.
Gavin: I made some notes where there were some inaccuracies.
I took the script and felt surprised reading each line of detailed comments.
Gavin: I may have to improvise when we're shooting.
MC: That's fine. Capturing the whole picture and the real reactions of the subjects is what gives documentaries their charm.
Gavin looked at me in a serious manner.
The shoot was about to begin, and with Gavin's help, I felt unstoppable.


With permission from Moonchild