Footage (Gavin): 3-1

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Footage (Gavin) Stage: 3-1 (Story)



Today I'm going to shoot the Idol Games. I invited on Gavin as a referee.
I reached the stadium early to prepare for the shoot. Gavin walked over to me wearing white sports wear.
MC: Gavin, you're here! Thank you for helping me.
Gavin: Good morning.
Gavin gave me a bag. There was milk and bread in it.
MC: Are these for me?
Gavin nodded his head, showing a slight sign of concern.
Gavin: Eat some. Or you're going to faint again.
Gavin's words reminded me of something. It was during a track and field event in high school.
I fainted in the middle of a race because I didn't have any breakfast.
Someone with a pair of warm eyes lifted me up and took me to the clinic.
When I woke up at the clinic, I saw milk and bread on the desk.
MC: The track and field event in high school... That was you?
Gavin just looked at me with a subtle smile.
Before I could get a straight answer, Gavin was called away by the director.
I was still immersed in the memory from high school…


With permission from Moonchild