Footage (Gavin): 2-7

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Footage (Gavin) Stage: 2-7 (Story)



It was 1 o'clock when we finished watching the show back at the police station. Gavin still had some work to do so I prepared to leave.
MC: You don't need to go with me. I can go back myself.
Gavin: Are you sure?
MC: Yeah. I know you have a lot of work to do.
I waved to him and then walked away.
It was dark that night, and there were only a few people on the street. I felt a little bit uneasy.
I noticed that there was someone following me. I turned around to see a shadowy figure dressed in black.
He turned the other way when he saw me turning around.
I was terrified, and I tried to walk away quickly. I could hear that the man was also speeding up.
I break out into a run to try to lose him. Suddenly I feel someone tap me on the shoulder.
MC: (Terrified) Oh my God!
Gavin: It's me.
I saw the shadowed figure take off his cap and go off in the other direction while talking to someone on the phone. He was just a passerby after all.
MC: Thank God.
MC: Gavin, what are you doing here?
Gavin: I've already put off my work till this late, I figured a little more couldn't hurt.
Gavin: Let's get you home.
I walked alongside Gavin. The night road was dark, but I was no longer scared.


With permission from Moonchild