Footage (Gavin): 2-1

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Footage (Gavin) Stage: 2-1 (Story)



Today I am going to make a variety show adapted from real events, and I have asked Gavin to come on as a consultant.
Gavin arrived while I was on site preparing for the shoot.
MC: Good morning, Gavin.
Gavin: (Smiling) Morning.
I looked at the casual clothes Gavin was wearing and frowned.
Gavin: What's wrong?
MC: Gavin, don't you think what you're wearing is too casual for the shoot?
Gavin: It doesn't matter what I wear. It's what I'm going to say that's most important.
MC: But it would be better if you could change to fit the overall vibe of the show.
Gavin: Is it really necessary?
I nodded firmly
Gavin: ...Alright, what should I wear?
I asked the costumer to select an outfit for Gavin.
Gavin is kind of cute as he grudgingly obliges. I couldn't help chuckling.
Gavin showed up in a well-tailored suit. The shirt fit him perfectly.
I couldn't help staring at Gavin. He looked confident in the suit but somehow gave off a look of unruliness.
After going over the script with Gavin, shooting was almost ready to begin. I'm doing final checks now.


With permission from Moonchild