Footage (Gavin): 1-7

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Footage (Gavin) Stage: 1-7 (Story)



After we finished promoting the film, Gavin and I walked to the school gate.
School happened to be letting out just then, so we sat on the swings to wait out the rush.
MC: Being a student is so nice.
MC: Although you have to take exams and lessons, you don't have to worry about anything else.
MC: (Turning to Gavin) Don't you think so?
Gavin: I don't.
MC: Why?
Gavin: ...
Gavin: Because when I was in high school, I had to worry about a lot of things...
MC: For example?
Gavin: For example...
He glanced at me.
Gavin: Grades.
MC: (Tongue-tied) What?
Gavin never cracked a book all throughout high school. Since when was he worried about grades?
Gavin stood up while I sat confused.
Gavin: Let's go. I'll take you home.
MC: I can go home on my own.
Gavin didn't respond. He just started walking away.
MC: (Helpless) This man never listens...
MC: Wait for me!
I think I saw a smile on Gavin's face, but it faded away quickly.


With permission from Moonchild