Footage (Gavin): 1-1

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Footage (Gavin) Stage: 1-1 (Story)



It's School Safety month, and I'm shooting a safety educational film for students.
The work is a lot easier with Gavin's help.
MC: Gavin, how do you know so much about this? It seems you're actually quite studious...
The slow learner from high school has become a walking encyclopedia.
Gavin: I learned from experience.
His eyes grew colder.
Gavin: I will not let another child die in front of me.
What did Gavin experience after we left high school...
MC: Sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up.
Gavin: It's okay. Doesn't bother me.
Gavin: The shoot's starting. Don't you need to go?
MC: Ah! It's started!
MC: Talk to you later!
I wonder what all he has gone through over the years.


With permission from Moonchild