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Footage are side stories which feature both story and mission stages for each male character.

Overview[ ]

Unlike regular stages, Footage uses C man energy big.png Film instead of C general power big.png Stamina to play. A player has a maximum of 10 Film. 1 Film recharges every hour until it hits the maximum of 10. Each Footage stage costs 1 Film after successfully clearing the Footage stage.

Players can only use the corresponding character's Karma and "Other" Karma, meaning for example, a Kiro Karma cannot be used in Gavin Footage stages.

Each Footage stage is limited to be played 3 times per day. Gems can be used for more chances to play.

Fate Events[ ]

Footages feature new stage events called Fate Events. These events will specify a fate type, and the player must choose a Karma with the same fate type.

In prior versions of the game, instead of the Karma's fate type being listed, a player would have to press and hold the Karma to view its fate type quote and match this quote with the given fate type. This has now been changed so that players can now immediately see the fate type of their Karma.

The fate types are as follows:

Fate Type Fate Type Quote
Vigor I love your passion for things you love
Courage We can take on this world by putting our courage together
Romance A passionate fool makes a life romantic
Diligent Value your life and the good things and encounters within
Humor Fell sorrow, but never forsake humor
Innocent Be moved by the innocence of love
Shy With shyness comes sweetness
Affection Any moment can light up your whole life

Rewards[ ]

Each Footage stage will have a chance to drop a specific Karma shard. Like normal Karma shards, these can be collected and combined to form a full Karma.

List of Footage Stages[ ]

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