Fairytale Date

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Summary[ ]

"With my quarterly proposal finally approved, I jokingly asked Victor for a reward. Surprisingly, he took me seriously."

General Requirements[ ]

  • Character: Victor
  • Required Intimacy: 7

Required Karma[ ]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[ ]

With my quarterly proposal finally approved, I jokingly asked Victor for a reward. Surprisingly, he took me seriously.

I never would've imagine Victor would actually take me to an amusement park! To get him into the spirit, I sneakily put cat ears on him and found a surprisingly cute side of him.

After a stroll, he took me on a breathtaking ride through space and time. I was so scared I could hardly open my eyes, but he held my hand tight, making my heart race even more.

After the "Time Traveler", the parade started. More than the dazzling spectacle, what really shook me was when Victor gently kissed my hand and whispered a promise in my ear.

Script[ ]


As I was waiting for the light to turn green, the giant outdoor screen on the golden section of Finance Street played another ad for a new area opening at the amusement park.
Among the new attractions, one called "Time Traveller" grabbed the most attention in the trailer.
After all, seeing the words "LFG" and "amusement park" together seemed very intriguing.
5D, giant-screen movies weren't a fresh concept, and even the time travel theme was getting stale.
But still seeing the vast universe and its myriad galaxies fill the giant screen on a bustling, work-day rush hour street...
...I couldn't help but feel drawn to it.
At the end of the ad, all of the fantasy and beauty was sucked up bit by bit into a black hole, and a shocking scream broke the harmonious atmosphere laid out in the ad's first half.
"In the unknown reaches of spacetime, we will finally meet again."
The portentous slogan slowly emerged from the dark background, leaving one tingling with suspense and anticipation.
Victor: You're completely absorbed in that ad. You really wan to go, don't you?
MC: Let's just say, I want to go somewhere where I can relax for awhile.
Victor: I guess pressure really does drive people to make progress.
MC: Well, I think it just drives people to an early grave! Is that supposed to be my in-person praise?!
Victor: Then what kind of praise would you like?
Victor asked this question quite seriously. As I was only joking, it caught me a little off guard.
MC: A-- a more tangible reward would be good.
Victor: Something tangible...
The light suddenly turned green. Victor seemed lost in thought the whole way as he drove me home.

I would need a little time to diggest the fact that I was at an amusement park on a weekday morning, with Victor by my side.
Half an hour prior, I was outside of my company, gleefully planning to take my whole staff to the park that weekend.
Then, I got a call, and suddenly Victor had taken me to this place that was so out-of-place for him.
As far as I knew, he would only come here for work reasons. But that didn't explain why I was with him this time instead of Goldman.
I wracked my brains, looking around me and then back at Victor, and finally decided to just ask him.
MC: What are we here for exactly?
Victor: In a bit we'll go see a musical performance, and then ride the carousel, and then...
MC: Hang on! Hang on a minute!
I didn't expect Victor would have such a detailed itinerary, but that wasn't my main concern.
MC: I was asking, why are you and I here today, at the amusement park?
Victor: ...Who was it yesterday that was so brazenly asking me for a reward?
MC: I suppose I kinda did...
I was really just kidding, but I should've remembered that Victor always takes things so literally!
Victor: Didn't you say you want to go somewhere you can relax? I think this place fits the bill.
The place did fit the bill, but the kicker was that standing next to me was Victor, who wearing a shirt and a pair of leather shoes, at any moment would want to start discussing business plans with me.
Victor: Is there a problem? If not, let's make our way to the theather.
MC: But didn't you hear just now when we came in, the theather is closed for maintenance today...
Victor: ...
With his plan disrupted, a look of hesitancy flashed across Victor's face. It was the first I'd ever seen him look like that.
But he quickly recovered, pointing to the carousel nearby and saying:
Victor: Then let's do the carousel first.
Before I had a chance to pull him along, he immediately added, as if in anticipation:
Victor: You go by yourself. I'll wait for you at the exit.
As the thought occured to me that Victor probably intended to just wait at exits for me this whole day, I felt a twinge of cold.
If there was anyone who needed relaxation more than me, clearly it was him.
To keep what was supposed to be a happy day from turning gloomy, I secretly made it my mission to make Victor enjoy the park.
Obviously, I'm not able to talk to him into doing something cute and lovely like this... Probably I'll start with something more accessible?
As I was thinking this, a stall behind him caught my attention.
MC: You wait for me here. I'll do a turn on the carousel and then come find you.
Since he was secretly relieved, Victor didn't get suspicious at my sudden capitulation. Rather, he found a seat at an outdoor cafe outside the carousel and sat down.
After I was out of Victor's line of sight, instead of getting in line for the carousel, I headed for that stall selling head ornaments.
I turned and eyed Victor's head, then looked back at a fluffy cat-ears headband. It was perfect!
I was worried he'd catch me in the act, but surprisingly he stayed glued to his phone's screen.
With bated breath, I slowly positioned the headband over his head, unintentionally catching a glimpse of the screen.
He actually wasn't doing work stuff at all. He was rapidly scanning online reviews of the park.
Seeing him "working" this hard, I couldn't hold back a laugh. He instantly set down his phone and let out an embarassed cough.
Victor: The- the ride's over? How was it?...
Before he had totally recovered himself, I deftly placed the headband on his head.
He looked at me stunned, then reached up and felt the cat ears suddenly sticking out of his hand, as a look of consternation came over his face.
Victor: Childish.
It was the same old angry face muttering another empty insult, but under those fuzzy cat ears it was somehow... adorable?
MC: Pbbwahahahaha! This really does suit you! I never thought "adorable" would be a word that encapsulates you so perfectly!
Watching me bent over in laughter, Victor's face wasn't even mad, just resigned.
He reached up to take off the headband, but I wasn't ready to let such a funny sight slip away.
I quickly latched onto his wrist. He actually didn't put up much of a struggle. He just let me grab him as he looked up at me from his chair.
This angle put us in close proximity, and his squinting eyes shone in the sunlight, creating a lively air about him.
A slightly warm breeze blew by, rustling his bangs and also causing ripples in my heart.
I caught a whiff of his scent. His usual low-key and staid aroma of cedar was mixed with sweet notes of caramel popcorn.
It was unexpected, but worked in harmony.
Victor: Only you would think up of such fantastical notions.
The tenuous, dream-like atmosphere was dashed to pieces with one accusatory line from him.
MC: I was just trying to get you into the amusement park spirit! Don't you feel bad that you're not going to go on the carousel with me?
Victor: I'm sorry, who are you saying feels bad?
As he spoke, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him.
Inertia had me tipping forward, and before I could get my balance, our noses were about to press together.
MC: What are you doing?!
His mouth perked uyp slightly, and he reached out a hand to help me adjust the bow on my head that had gone askew at some point.
Victor: With you around, there's already plenty of amusement park spirit.
His broad hand rubbed the top of my head, and he stood up and led me deeper into the amusement park.



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