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Unlocks after completing Chapter 1-2 in the Main Story. Experts are used during mission stages to increase score. Mission stages will give specific tags, and experts who match these tags will sparkle. Selecting the experts that match will reward score points.

A couple experts are given when completing the story while other experts are also available through the City News Talent Market.

Filter[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Note that you can filter your List of Experts, by clicking on the Blue Button on the top right of the Experts Screen. Experts Filter.png

Upgrading[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Experts can be upgraded using Gold from the Company screen and will contribute to a Company's strength. Experts can only be upgraded to be equal to or less than the company's current level.

Due to Karma having a greater impact on score than experts, it is recommended to save Gold to use on upgrading Karma over experts as expert upgrade costs begin to get more expensive.

Amount of C general gold big.png Gold and Expert Strength at each LvL  
Level Gold Required to Next Level Strength Level Gold Required to Next Level Strength
1 0 3 51
2 50 6 52
3 100 9 53
4 180 12 54
5 280 15 55
6 400 18 56
7 550 21 57
8 720 24 58
9 920 28 59
10 1.140 31 60 40.000 302
11 1.390 35 61
12 1.660 38 62
13 1.950 42 63
14 2.270 46 64
15 2.610 50 65
16 2.980 53 66
17 3.370 57 67
18 3.790 61 68
19 4.230 66 69
20 4.700 70 70
21 5.190 74
22 5.700 78
23 6.240 83
24 6.800 87
25 7.390 92
26 8.000 97
27 8.640 101
28 9.300 106
29 9.980 111
30 10.690 116
31 11.420 121
32 12.180 126
33 12.970 132
34 13.770 137
35 14.600 142
36 15.460 148
37 16.340 153
38 17.240 159
39 18.170 164
40 19.130 170
41 20.100 176
42 21.110 182
43 22.130 188
44 23.180 194
45 24.260 200
46 25.360 206
47 26.480 213
48 27.630 219
49 28.800 225
50 30.000 232

List of Experts[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Icon Name Attribute Genre Tags Obtain Prerequisite Cost
Expert 10350.png Young Affinity News AD Docu Extrovert Director Editing Endurance Sports Scripter Main Story Complete 4-1
Expert 10150.png Tysona Execution Variety Docu Extrovert Sports Fight Main Story Complete 1-2
Expert 10480.png Spine Execution News Variety Docu Rational Intellect Content Logistics Main Story Complete 2-2
Expert 10050.png Christian Decision Entertain AD Movie Extrovert Innocent Perform Etiquette Main Story Complete 3-3
Expert 10210.png Dingle Daisy Decision Variety Docu AD Careful Passion Shrewd Medicine Main Story Complete 3-7
Expert 10080.png Cherry Execution Variety Entertain AD Careful Host Gourmet Innocent Main Story Complete 2-5
Expert 10270.png Fanks Creativity Variety Drama Extrovert Rational Style Main Story Complete 1-4
Expert 10060.png Sersi Creativity Variety Drama Careful Perform Augury Main Story Complete 1-10
Expert 10180.png Lilina Creativity Variety Movie Docu Careful Pet Costume Cooking Celeb Main Story Complete Main Story (Normal): 11-1
Expert 10220.png Inara Creativity Docu Drama Reality Extrovert Cooking Mentality Content Inquiry Main Story Complete Main Story (Normal): 14-1
Expert 10340.png Dora Creativity Variety Drama Reality Careful Innocent Friendly Perform Pet Main Story Complete Main Story (Normal): 13-1
Expert 10320.png Sunny Execution News Reality Drama Careful Perform Dance Editing Shrewd Main Story Complete Main Story (Normal): 12-1
Expert 10260.png Karyu Creativity Docu Variety News Security Sports Rebel Brave Main Story Complete 2-9
Expert 10070.png Hollow Affinity Variety Entertain Movie Extrovert Celeb Hipster Augury Lighting Main Story Complete 4-7
Expert 10170.png Lens Liz Decision Drama Variety Movie Careful Scripter Content Friendly Talent Market Novice Investigator 398
Expert 10240.png Kyle Execution Variety Docu Entertain Rational Handsome Style Perform Talent Market Junior Investigator 405
Expert 10420.png Arnold Creativity Variety Entertain Drama Extrovert Costume Passion Rebel Style Talent Market Junior Investigator 420
Expert 10040.png Freeman Execution Variety Entertain Drama Rational Medicine Shrewd Intellect Brave Talent Market Novice Investigator 428
Expert 10430.png Homer Affinity Drama Docu Variety Careful Photos Editing Gourmet Talent Market Senior Investigator 435
Expert 10200.png Jade Execution Variety Docu Movie Rational Quaint Etiquette Style Talent Market Senior Investigator 455
Expert 10120.png Punkilles Execution Variety AD Docu Extrovert Hipster Lighting Music Rebel Talent Market Junior Investigator 457
Expert 10470.png Swift Affinity Entertain Docu Life Careful Endurance Fight Sports Security Talent Market Senior Investigator 460
Expert 10330.png Jobs Decision Docu Life Drama Extrovert Rock Rebel Music Innocent Talent Market Advanced Investigator 475
Expert 10030.png Reak Affinity Variety News Docu Extrovert Shrewd PR Marketing Host Talent Market Senior Investigator 480
Expert 10020.png Ken Creativity Variety Entertain Movie Extrovert Humor Rock Marketing Music Talent Market Senior Investigator 496
Expert 10140.png Kalvin Creativity Variety News Life Rational Gourmet Celeb Friendly Costume Talent Market Advanced Investigator 498
Expert 10490.png Gale Decision Variety News Entertain Extrovert Paparazzi Shrewd Photos Editing Talent Market Advanced Investigator 520
Expert 10440.png David Dean Execution Variety Drama Docu Extrovert Innocent Perform Celeb Rebel Talent Market Advanced Investigator 530
Expert 10380.png Horsome Creativity Variety Life Docu Careful PR Friendly Hipster Endurance Talent Market Advanced Investigator 540
Expert 10130.png Mr. Matsushita Decision Entertain AD Docu Rational PR Friendly Logistics Talent Market Seasoned Investigator 546
Expert 10090.png Bao Bao Decision Movie Entertain Variety Careful Friendly Photos Editing Director Talent Market Advanced Investigator 550
Expert 10250.png Frankenstein Decision Variety Entertain Docu Extrovert Rebel Lighting Rock Hipster Talent Market Seasoned Investigator 582
Expert 10500.png Fatony Creativity Variety News AD Rational PR Marketing Etiquette Intellect Talent Market Seasoned Investigator 594
Expert 10100.png Iluka Creativity Variety Movie Drama Extrovert Fight Sports Hipster Rebel Talent Market Elite Investigative Expert 595
Expert 10400.png Bear Execution Movie AD Life Rational Lighting Effects Logistics Endurance Talent Market Elite Investigative Expert 605
Expert 10360.png Emil Execution News Docu Entertain Careful Grip Scene Inquiry Editing Talent Market Elite Investigative Expert 605
Expert 10290.png Rabbitgirl Decision Entertain AD Variety Careful Scripter Content Sports Intellect Talent Market Seasoned Investigator 606
Expert 10310.png Herts Affinity Talk News Movie Rational Music Security Endurance Photos Talent Market Seasoned Investigator 606
Expert 10110.png Peggy Affinity Variety Movie Talk Rational Strict Intellect Grip Content Talent Market Investigative Expert 627
Expert 10410.png Thomson Decision Variety AD Entertain Extrovert Scene Model Handsome Perform Talent Market Investigative Expert 629
Expert 10280.png Bruce Execution Drama Movie Variety Rational Wushu Perform Fight Logistics Talent Market Investigative Expert 635
Expert 10370.png Kim Decision Variety Entertain Drama Extrovert Perform Handsome Music Host Talent Market Seasoned Investigator 639
Expert 10390.png George Affinity Variety Talk AD Extrovert Host Dance Passion PR Talent Market Investigative Expert 640
Expert 10460.png Willstrong Creativity Variety Docu AD Careful Grip Editing Strict Endurance Talent Market Investigative Expert 640
Expert 10300.png Buffin Creativity Life Movie Reality Careful Endurance Scene Strict Intellect Host Talent Market Elite Investigative Expert 645
Expert 10010.png Joey Decision Variety AD Docu Rational Style Costume Graphic Scene Photos Talent Market Investigative Expert 653
Expert 10160.png Carson Execution Variety Talk News Careful Etiquette PR Intellect Strict Logistics Talent Market Investigative Expert 655
Expert 10230.png Edward Affinity Movie Reality Talk Shrewd PR Handsome Interview Style Etiquette Talent Market Elite Investigative Expert 655
Expert 10190.png Sophie Affinity Docu Entertain News Extrovert Passion Interview Humor PR Dance Talent Market Investigative Expert 655
Expert 10450.png Santa Decision AD Variety News Quaint Mentality Charm Authority Celeb Talent Market Elite Investigative Expert 660