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Evol Supply is where players can purchase items and packages using real money or Gems.

Recommended Section[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

This section contains most of the packages that the game sells. On the weekends, three various packages will be put on sale as "Hot Weekend Deals". Event packages that sell event currency will also be placed in this section as well.

Package Icon Package Name Package Contents Cost (USD) Purchase Limit
Galaxy Wish Pack.png Galaxy Wish Pack
  • Gems x280
  • Galaxy Wish Coupon x10
$4.99 1 per player
Deluxe Wish Pack.png Deluxe Wish Pack
  • Galaxy Wish Coupon x10
  • Sunrise Wish Coupon x10
  • Stamina x600
  • Gold x180000
  • Confess Wish x10
  • Karma Promise x30
  • Transform Brand x1
  • To the Future x1
  • About Agenda x1
  • Art of Editing x1
$29.99 1 per player
Deluxe Gem Pack.png Deluxe Gem Pack
  • Gems x1800
  • Stamina x800
  • Gold x180000
  • Confess Wish x10
  • Karma Promise x75
  • Transform Brand x1
  • To the Future x1
  • About Agenda x1
  • Art of Editing x1
$29.99 1 per player
150px Newbie Ascension Pack
  • Emotion Stone x3600
  • Emotion Flower x36
  • Memory Stardust x100
  • Trial Stone x300
  • Memory Starshine x1
$4.99 1 per player
150px Company Training
  • 2 Star Training (Random) x12
  • Gold x60.000
$1.99 1 per player
High Stamina Pack.png High Stamina Pack
  • Stamina x360
  • Gems x100
$4.99 3 per Day
Ultra Stamina Pack.png Ultra Stamina Pack
  • Stamina x1750
  • Gems x300
$14.99 3 per Day
Power Walk Pack.png Power Walk Pack
  • Power Walk Card x150
  • Stamina x150
$1.99 N/A
Value EXP Pack.png Value EXP Pack
  • Confess Wish x9
  • Gems x100
$4.99 3 per Day
EXP Boost Pack.png EXP Boost Pack
  • Confess Wish x30
  • Bond Wish x60
  • Gems x300
$14.99 3 per Day
Value Gold Pack.png Value Gold Pack
  • Gold x36000
  • Gems x100
$4.99 3 per Day
Deluxe Gold Pack.png Deluxe Gold Pack
  • Gold x175000
  • Gems x300
$14.99 3 per Day
Studio Strengthen Pack.png Studio Strengthen Pack
  • Transform Brand x3
  • To the Future x3
  • About Agenda x3
  • Art of Editing x3
$12.99 1 per Day
I Wanna Rename Pack.png I Wanna Rename Pack
  • Player Rename Card x1
$4.99 N/A
Studio Rename Pack.png Studio Rename Pack
  • Studio Rename Card x1
$4.99 N/A
150px Ascension Pack
  • Emotion Flower x10
  • Gems x290
$14.99 1 per Day
150px Challenge Medal Pack
  • Challenge Medal x400
  • Gems x50
$1.99 1 per Day

VIP Supply[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

The VIP Supply tab allows players to purchase VIP status for 30 days as well as use and activate any VIP Free Trial items a player may have.

VIP status includes:

VIP status also unlocks the following VIP-only packs which can be purchased once per day:

Package Icon Package Name Package Contents Cost (USD) Purchase Limit
Privilege Growth Pack.png Privilege Growth Pack
  • Gems x50
  • Stamina x180
  • Confess Wish x10
  • Gold x10000
$0.99 1 per Day
Privilege Dream Pack.png Privilege Dream Pack
  • Gems x100
  • Karma Promise x8
  • Transform Brand x1
  • To the Future x1
$1.99 1 per Day
150px Privilege Ascension Pack
  • Gems x100
  • Heart Keys x1
  • Emotion Flower x3
$1.99 1 per Day

Love Supply[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Players can purchase items using Gems here instead of with real currency. Event items will also be listed here for purchase using gems. The following list of items are available for purchase:

Item Name Cost C general jewel big.png Gems Purchase Limit
[[File:No results|link=|40px]] Confess Wish 20 15 per Day
C cardluck diamond big.png Galaxy Wish Coupon 200 N/A
C cardluck diamond big.png Galaxy Wish Coupon x10 1800 N/A
C general sand5 big.png Memory Stardust 15 15 per Day
C general dateheart big.png Karma Promise 25 N/A
C general extrastory big.png Hourglass 25 N/A
Brand Management 20 N/A
Creative Value 20 N/A
Promotion Strategy 20 N/A
Script Narration 20 N/A
[[File:No results|link=|40px]] Trial Stone 30 100 per Day

Monday Packs[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Every Monday appears a Monday Bonus Back and Monday Privilege Pack for 1 C general jewel big.png Gem each. Monday Bonus Pack contains a Crystal Sunshine. Monday Privilege Pack contains a Crystal Sunshine, Crystal Midnight and ???. If you don't purchase, they will disappear after Monday till the next week. They can be used to awake the Stone Locket Crystals.

Sunday Packs[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Every Sunday appears a Sunday Key Pack for 98C general jewel big.png Gem each. It contains 1119072.png Heart Key. Purchase Limit is 5. If you don't purchase, it will disappear after Sunday till the next week.
Attention: If you purchase Heart Key directly with Gems, the first purchase is cheaper than the pack. But each following purchase increases the price for 50 Gems until it costs presumably 200 Gems each at maximum.

Encounter Gift[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Encounter Gifts are purchases which grant items to the player immediately as well as another set of items which can be claimed daily. Depending on the Encounter Gift, the cost will either require real money or Gems.

EvSup1.JPGEvSup2.JPG EvSup3.JPGEvSup4.JPG EvSup5.JPGEvSup6.JPG EvSup8.JPGEvSup7.JPG

Other Purchasable Items[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

These are items that are also purchasable but not listed under Evol Supply.

Name Description Package Contents Cost (USD) Purchase Limit
$0.99 On Sale Package -
  • Gems x150
  • Gold x18000
  • Confess Wish x8
$0.99 1 per Player
Love Video Fund Investment Purchase which gives Gems upon reaching certain levels.

Gems rewards are retroactive,so previous level rewards will still be granted even after passing the level.

  • Company Lv. 10 - Gems x200
  • Company Lv. 15 - Gems x300
  • Company Lv. 20 - Gems x500
  • Company Lv. 25 - Gems x600
  • Company Lv. 30 - Gems x800
  • Company Lv. 35 - Gems x1000
$9.99 1 per Player

Gem Supply[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Gem Supply is not directly reachable over the Evol Supply, but appears if you click on the +Button next to the C general jewel big.png Gem on the Top of your Screen.
First Time buying a Pack from the Gem Supply rewards double amount of Gems for the noted Price.
During mayor Events the Gem Supply is reset, so you can purchase double again.


Top-Up Rewards[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Top-Up Rewards are goals reached based on the cumulative amount of real money a player has spent. Top-Up EXP is calculated by the amount of money spent rounded up and multiplied by 60. Top-Up rewards include various items as well as exclusive Karma.

Top-Up EXP Rewards USD Calculation
1st Top-Up Gift
  • Gold x5000
  • Stamina x60
  • VIP Trial x3
Any Direct Purchase of Gems (Purchases not Gems will not count)
  • Gems x30
  • Gold x10000
  • Bond Wish x2
  • Gems x60
  • Gold x20000
  • Confess Wish x5
  • Gems x120
  • Gold x30000
  • Confess Wish x10
5000 $83.33
  • Gems x500
  • Gold x100000
  • Karma Promise x20
30000 $500
  • Gems x2000
  • Gold x200000
  • Karma Promise x32
160000 $2,666.67