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Unlocks after completing Chapter 1-10 in the Main Story

Features[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Types of Events[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Event Type Description Example Usual C general jewel big.png Gem cost
Shoot Event Time limited - one guy exclusive shooting event to collect Karma Shards.
  • SR: 2.300
  • SSR: 12.600 - 14.600
All guys Shoot Event Time limited shooting event for all 4 love interests at once, to collect Karma Shards. The more Karma you obtain, the cheaper is the rest. 9.732 - 10.047 each
Box Office Contest Event Join and win contests to get event exclusive items you can use to redeem Karma Shards.
  • Melody (Event)
  • Exclusive Look (Event)
2.300 – 2.600
Box Office Redeem Event Use C general pvp big.png Box Office Medals to redeem the Karma Inner Demon (Event) 0
24hr Challenge Event Use C general resdungeonmedal big.png Challenge Medals to redeem the Karma 0
Wish Tree Event During the event, the drop odds for limited Karmas are greatly increased. Usually they have their own currency to redeem, which is reverted into Heart Flowers after the event. Night Chant Event over 25.000
Wish Tree Shards Event Only one SSR Karma is featured, but drops Shards instead of whole Karma. ~11.800
Birthday Event Pass time-limited stages and collect special items to win rewards including an exclusive SR & R cards.
  • SR: 1.718 - 1.929
  • R: 0
Stone Locket Event Awaken Crystals to win rewards and Karma Shards. It's random how many shards are dropped, but the rates are way higher then in the Wish Tree. Breathless (Event) 11.000 - 14.740
Memory Maze Event Every time new chapters are added to the game, there is a luck based system to redeem Karma Shards and various other items. The more Karma you obtain, the cheaper is the rest. Memory Maze Event
  • SR: 1.500 – 2.250
  • SSR: 7.500 – 12.800
Free Karma Event Complete various Tasks every day to redeem the Karma. Either read Messages, or complete Quests 0
Producers Recall Event Find people on a certain level who stopped playing and make them use your provided ingame code to obtain cute R Karmas 0
Top Up Event Use real Money to buy anything in the Evol Supply
  • 1$ for R Karma
  • 7$ for ER Karma
  • 10$ for SR Karma
  • 60$ for SSR Karma
  • 90$ for SP Karma
  • 122$ for one SP dupe
  • 154$ for two SP dupes
AU Event Alternative Universe. You need to transfer Stamina into it and grind for SSR Karma N/A

List of all Events[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Listless Leech Event Guide