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Summary[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

"My island vacation with Victor had finally begun! The perfect chance for me to observe him closely and discover this seemingly fearless man's weak points."

General Requirements[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

  • Character: Victor
  • Required Intimacy: 8

Required Karma[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

I wanted to scare Victor with a ghost story, but I ended up scaring myself. For dignity's sake, I must find something that Victor's afraid of during this vacation!

Even though just looking at the ad for the new cliffside glass skywalk made me weak in the knees, I was determined to go with Victor. Too bad my plan backfired again.

Since the beach was packed, Victor took me in his yacht to a nearby deserted isle of spooky repute. Then a heavy storm arose, giving me a chance to test Victor's courage again!

After one harrowing ship adventure, the weather finally cleared up. We had some nice, quiet hammock time, but in the end he still never told me what he's afraid of.

Script[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]


One of the best things about vacation, of course, is waking up whenever you feel like.
I rolled around lazily in bed, and the sun's rays fell upon an unexpected figure in my room.
MC: Victor?! What are you doing here?!
Victor: This is my room.
Still not fully awake, I had trouble processing the enormity of what I'd just heard.
He put down his book and walked over to me, then opened up the curtain behind me.
The sudden sunlight made me shut my eyes, and all I felt was Victor patting my messy hair.
Victor: Awake now? Do you remember why you're here?
I looked around and finally realized that all his things were in the room.
An all-black phone, neatly-pressed clothes, and what seemed to be the Shiba Inu doll I'd given him.
MC: I never thought you'd bring that Shiba Inu with you on vacation.
Victor: ...Is that important?
Victor: Do you want me to refresh your memory on all the silly things you did last night in my room?
MC: No! No thanks! I remember now. I'll just get my things and go back to my room.
Last night, I excitedly dragged Victor to the beach to tell ghost stories.
He did nothing but complain and interrupt, whereas I was so scared I couldn't sleep.
When I came to his room for support, he laughed at me, but also helped me make the spare bed.
He even sat beside me and kept me company till I fell asleep.
But if he was an angel last night, this man blocking me from leaving this morning was a devil.
MC: What is it...?
Victor: Wipe the corner of your mouth before you go. You're a mess shen you sleep.
MC: Well your hair's sticking up too!
As he reflexively smoothed his hair, I escaped from his room clutching my pillow and blanket.
Walking down the empty hall, I couldn't help but think of last night's ghost story.
I quickened my pace to my room and tried to shift my focus to anything else.
The tranquil face of Victor arose unconsciously in my mind.
MC: Is there nothing he's afraid of?
I was suddenly curious what his face would look like when he was really scared of something.

For lunch, I chose a place that was strongly recommended on the tourist website: Atlantis.
As the name suggests, the restaurant was underwater, with a view of a beautiful undersea world.
Exotic aquatic animals glided past the guests, giving everyone the illusion of being underwater.
MC: Victor, look!
I thought the sight of a shark would scare him, but Victor's stare actually made the shark recoil.
MC: Well you sure are something. You actually intimidated a shark.
Victor: ...Stop staring. The food's getting cold.
MC: But you come to this kind of place for the atmosphere, not the food!
Victor: Does that mean the atmosphere at Souvenir is no good? Whenever you're there, all you do is eat.
MC: That's not the same. That's because your cooking is delicious.
Victor: Flattering me won't get you a bonus.
MC: I'm just speaking the truth.
He may have been bickering with me as always, but he looked much gentler than usual.
Maybe it was the blue light, or the influence of the cute sea creatures.
It was rare to see him this way, but I still wasn't giving up on my plan.
MC: Oh yeah, after we eat, I'll take you somewhere. You'll definitely be suprised!
Victor arched his eyebrows, and a noncommittal smile spread over his face.
Victor: Oh really? We'll see about that.
You underestimate me now, but just wait till I scare you!
I had a giant scare in store for him.
What I didn't expect though was that after we got to our destination, I would be scared first.
The shrill wind and the crashing waves underfoot merged together in a shocking symphony.
We stood before a newly-built glass skywalk on the seaside cliff...
I stood to the side, bereft of all courage, while Victor casually stepped onto it.
Victor: Want to go somewhere else? You're shaking like a leaf.
MC: N-n-no! This wasn't easy to book! We're here, so let's do it.
Victor: Are you sure?
MC: Isn't personal growth all about overcoming fear...?
Victor: That's fine, but if you lose your nerve halfway out, I'm not carrying you back.
He took me by the hand and onto the glass. I couldn't help looking down, and my legs shook.
Victor: Don't look down. Look at me.
I looked at him, expecting to see his mocking smile, but instead his eyes were full of warmth.
Victor: Don't think about what's under you. Just walk forward.
I went slowly, and he didn't press me. Instead he slowed his pace to match mine.
The fear gripping my heart slowly melted under the warmth of his hand. I looked down again.
It actually wasn't as scary anymore.
Victor: Looks like you've gotten over it.
MC: No! D-- don't let go just yet.
Victor: Relax. After all, holding your hand is much easier than carrying you.
My hand was sweating from nervousness, but he didn't mind. He kept a tight grip as we slowly walked.
Finally, not far away was the end of the skywalk.
A little kid ran past me laughing. He even turned around and made a face.
Kid: You're a scaredy-cat, lady! You need this old guy to hold your hand!
Victor: Old guy?
Victor didn't really seem to take offense, but I still wanted to teach that kid some manners.
Just then, the little kid fell with a crash a few steps away from us.
Everyone stood around staring, but no one went forward to help him.
Seeing this helpless little kid, I couldn't stay angry. I let go of Victor and held my hand out.
MC: Little kid, you alright...?
Kid: I'm fine!
As soon as I helped him up, he sprinted off. I turned and realized Victor was staring him down.
MC: Okay, take it easy. He's not worth it.
Victor: I just can't believe his goading was more effective than mine.
This reminded me that I was standing completely unaided on the glass skywalk.
Not two seconds later, a huge wave extinguished what little courage I had worked up.
My legs buckled, and I fell back into Victor's arms. As he patted my back, my heart rate settled.
Victor: Dummy. Next time remember, with me here, you don't have to handle everything by yourself.
MC: ...Okay.
After getting off the skywalk, I took awhile to regain composure. Once again my plan was a no-go.
But the day has just begun. I can't give up so quickly! I'm sure I can find a way to scare Victor!

After we came down from the mountain, the beach was already packed with people.
Seeing the thronging crowds, Victor led me straight to the dock.
MC: Where are we going to from here?
Victor: Don't you like suprises? Just follow me.
I followed him in confusion until we came to a big yacht.
MC: This suprise is even bigger than I imagined.
Victor: Then that just means your imagination isn't fertile enough. We haven't gotten to the suprise yet.
I followed him onto the yacht.
The most amazing thing wasn't the hot tub or the observation deck, but the full, open-air kitchen.
Compared to the previous yacht party, Victor was a little less reserved this time, more at home.
MC: So will I get to taste seaside Souvenir today?
Victor: Did that lunch you just had get scared out of you?
MC: Just some pudding would be fine!
Victor: I never said I'd cook for you. Anyway, we've got another destination today.
As he spoke, Victor started flipping switches and dials on the yacht's control panel.
When everything was set, he took out a bottle of champagne-- and poured me a glass of fruit juice.
MC: I'm an adult too!
Victor: One with no tolerance, unfortunately.
I grudgingly took the juice, but he snatched it from me again before I could drink it.
Victor: It's a bit cold. Let it sit for awhile first.
Victor set the juice down and then sat back on the sofa, elegantly holding his champagne.
With his half-squinting eyes, he was like a resting cheetah, looking both subdued yet powerful.
I stared at the deck, wanting to enjoy the breeze outside but not wanting to give up the cabin's AC.
He saw what I was thinking immediately and led me out to the second floor observation deck.
Victor: Come on, I can see you're getting restless.
I followed giddily, enjoying the fresh sea air as it caressed my face, and his bangs.
MC: To our wonderful vacation! Cheers!
Victor: Don't forget you've got a new show proposal to write up when you get back.
That's what he said, but he still clinked his glass of champagne with my glass of juice.


He sat on the railing and looked out at the sea, the sunlight on the water reflecting on his face.
A bead of sweat on his neck rolled down as he took off his sunglasses, ending up in his collar.
His hair flapping in the sea breeze was less austere than usual, more refreshing.
Victor: What? Are you tired of looking at the sea already?
MC: How do you know I'm looking at you unless you're not looking too!?
I sheepishly averted my gaze to the water and faintly made out a black figure on its azure surface.
Suddenly, a big isle appeared in front of us.
Victor: Here is today's main event.
If memory served, this was "Ghost Harbor", a hotspot of paranormal activity.
MC: We're not going to explore Starsand Bay, are we...?
Victor: You know this place?
MC: Not only do I know the place, I know all the terrifying stories about it too.
MC: Is this payback for the ghost story I told you last night...?
Victor: I just like the scenery here. And it's less crowded than the big island.
Victor: As for those mysterious incidents, I don't believe a word.
When we got on the shore, the cheerful skies suddenly retreated, as if to prove Victor wrong.
The sound of rolling thunder drew near, and the sea started surging, tossing the yacht on the waves.
All we could do was find a place to wait out the storm somewhere in the harbor.
And the only place on the lifeless beach was a run-aground fishing vessel.
It looked abandoned, but not too run down. There shouldn't be any danger.
MC: That looks like our only choice.
Victor: I'll go in and check it out. You stay here and don't run off.
MC: I wouldn't dare go anywhere!
I stood huddled by the boat, looking at the dark clouds gathering on the horizon.
Suddenly, a crash came from inside the boat. I nervously called inside, but Victor didn't answer.
Worry for Victor and fear of the unknown weighed in my mind. Finally, worry won out, and I went in.
The storm finally hit, with pounding rain and howling wind. It was like a horror film scene.
The busted door and windows clattered in the wind. It was like a monster would climb out any moment.
I tried to stop these images from playing in my mind, but the more I tried, the more they came.
Victor's footsteps and scent were lost in the storm. I didn't want to go looking inside either.
My mind gradually went blank.
A bolt of lightning split the sky, followed closely by a deafening thunderclap.
I shouted involuntarily, then I heard Victor calling my name and running toward me.
Victor: MC! MC, are you there?
Victor: MC, can you hear me? Where are you?
The sound of his footsteps and my heartbeat aligned, and I instantly felt relieved.
As I flung myself toward him, the look on Victor's face was one of rare panic.
His hair, either wet from sweat or rain, was matted messily to his face.
The look in his deep eyes was mostly worry, some suprise, and a little inextinguishable angry.
So this is what he looked like when he was panicked.
MC: Victor, sorry... I was worried for you, so I...
Victor: ...Dummy. I'm just glad you're fine.
Victor: If you were trying to scare me, then you succeeded.
He cradled me in his arms and lightly cupped the back of my head, pressing my face into his chest.
Victor: Hear that? That's proof that you scared me.
The wind, rain, and waves were all drowned out by his heartbeat. Tears of fear dampened his shirt.
He gently caressed my head as I sobbed quietly on his chest.
Victor: I told you not to run off. I guess from now on I'll just never let go of your hand.
He wiped away my tears with his thumb and put one hand on my shoulder, the other taking out his phone that lit up a path in the darkness.
Victor: Hang on, slowly. I'm here. What's to be scared of?
He led me forward step by step, more carefully even than on the glass skywalk.
Bumping into his fragrant, warm chest as we walked made me want to get even closer to him.
But those flip-flops people wear on the beach don't make for very good walking shoes.
I stumbled a bit on something, and although Victor caught me, I was still a little scratched up.
Victor put his phone in my hand and picked me up before I knew what was going on.
MC: I can walk on my own!
Victor: And you think I'm going to let you do that?
His tough tone didn't leave me much choice, but his actions were more gentle than ever.
The rain outside slowly died down, and the sunlight lit up the gloomy inside of the boat.
It was no longer scary, perhaps because of the weather, but maybe because of the man next to me.

When we exited the abandoned boat, the skies were clear and the sea was as lively as always.
We couldn't return to the yacht, so we looked for a place to rest on the beach and found a hammock.
Victor: You sit down first. I'll take a look at your foot.
Victor took off his soaked shirt and hung it to the side, then carried me over to the hammock.
But I couldn't keep my balance and started swinging wildly. I grabbed his neck in a panic.
MC: Wait, wait! This thing isn't steady!
Victor: The more you panic, the more it'll swing.
MC: I can't help it... aaah!
He knitted his brow and sighed, then took me in his arms and sat in the hammock.


We were suddenly very close. Enveloped in his warmth and scent, I felt both safe and shy.
Victor: Okay, this time really no sudden movements, or we'll both go tumbling.
Hearing his tone, I didn't even dare breathe hard and just held on tightly to him.
He held me to him with one hand while the other held up my foot to examine the scrape.
The wound wasn't serious, but he grimaced as if he was the one who was in pain.
Victor: Are you hurt anywhere else?
He asked gently, and his warm breath caressed my forehead, in contrast to the chill sea breeze.
I shook my head, but he didn't seem relieved, lightly tracing around my wound with his fingertip.
Victor: We'll take care of it as soon as we get back to the hotel.
I nodded as I felt his heat rise up from the sole of my foot.
A faint, tingling numbness spread over my body and I fell deeper into his embrace.
Victor: Dummy, I said don't move. I didn't say you couldn't breathe.
Victor: Are you practicing holding your breath for when we go scuba diving tomorrow?
MC: No!
I sat up suddenly in protest, but his arms held me tightly so I couldn't move.
Victor: Hey!
I thought my movement would rock the hammock again, but it didn't move a hair.
I looked and realized not just the hammock, but everything-- trees, waves, birds-- were all frozen.
MC: You froze time?
Victor: To prevent a certain idiot from tipping us over.
MC: But now we won't know when we can return to the boat, will we?
Victor: Are you in a hurry?
MC: No, not really...
Honestly, I wanted to stay here longer with him, just the two of us on this secluded little isle.
Victor: I actually wanted to stay a little longer.
Suprised that we were both thinking the same thing, I looked up at him.
His mouth bore a hint of a smile, and in his eyes there was only me.
Victor: But you've got this cut on your foot, so we should get back sooner.
Victor: When you're all healed up, we can come back.
His words made me start looking forward to when we would return to this beautifull, deserted isle.
Those old legends and outlandish scary stories were all dashed to pieces by his smile.
Time began to flow again. The wind, the waves, and the dazzling sunshine all returned to normal.
The breeze rustled my bangs, and he tapped my forehead with his finger.
Victor: Now, don't you think you should tell me what you've been plotting?
He knew something was up, and yet put up with my childish pranks all along.
Unable in the end to find an answer, I gave up trying and just told him my plan.
Victor: Why were you so set on finding my weakness?
MC: I just thought, someone as amazing as you might have a few secret fears.
Victor: And you thought my secret fears were being scared of ghosts, heights, and the dark?
MC: Those are all things I'm scared of. I was just tring to find a starting point.
Victor: So, do you still think there's something I'm afraid of?
MC: Uh... bugs?
Victor: No.
MC: Dogs?
Victor: If I was, do you think I'd accept so many Shiba Inus from you?
MC: I know! You're afraid of being alone!
Victor: ...I urge you to find another starting point, quickly.
As I was trying to think of something else, Victor frowned and chuckled.
Victor: Something so obvious, and you still haven't figured it out. You really are dumb.
Unfairly mocked again, I turned my head in anger and happened to see a rainbow appear on the water.
The clouds had completely dissipated from the clear blue sky, and the shimmering gold sea was calm.
The air was clean and fresh from the rain, and I couldn't help but feel my spirits lifted.
MC: Victor, look!
Victor: I'm looking.
But his eyes weren't focused on the rainbow behind me. They had stayed trained on me.
We lay peacefully in the hammock watching the scenery before us.
Until the rainbow had evaporated, and the orange sun sunk into the sea, and the moon came out.
Victor: Seen enough? If so, let's go back.
He lifted me from the hammock, and I thought again about my unanswered question.
MC: You still haven't told me what it is you're afraid of!
Victor: I don't remember ever agreeing to tell you.
He held me tighter, completely shielded from the night breeze. All I could feel was his warmth.
In that peaceful night, he held the girl close to his heart, a heart he didn't reveal.
He had lost her once before. After many hardships, he'd found her again.
He was afraid she'd fall into danger again even when he's around. But in his life, he never made the same mistake twice.
From the day he'd found her again, he secretly made this vow to himself--
No matter what, he would protect this girl until the end.

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