Deserted City Date

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"Legend has it that once in the deserted city, as the full moon arrives, there will be a lonely devil singing blue songs..."

General Requirements[edit]

  • Character: Gavin
  • Required Intimacy: 8

Required Karma[edit]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[edit]

Section 1

I was living alone near the deserted city. I encountered an exorcist one day and decided to assist him with the investigation of his missing comrade.

Section 2

As the legend goes, a devil will appear on the full-moon night, so Gavin and I decided to explore the city tonight.

Section 3

Out of expectation, his comrade showed up! To chase after him, we were led to and carelessly locked in the toppest buildig of the city, the tower.

Section 4

In blood-red recollections, the devil showed up at last, while Gavin and I were faced with hard choices. When I made the step to the outside, would the swaying hyachinth bloom as promised?