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Summary[ ]

"I had no confidence to dance at the charity ball, so I asked Victor to teach me. I didn't expect to get stood up that day."

General Requirements[ ]

  • Character: Victor
  • Required Intimacy: 5

Required Karma[ ]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[ ]

Anna told me she needed me to dance with a top television director at the charity event. That puzzled me, but as a producer for the studio, I must comply for the sake of potential partnership.

Me with two left feet, the prospect of dancing worried me, to say the least. Imagine my surprise, however, when Victor offered to teach me out of the blue. I mean, at least I won't embarrass myself with a mentor like him, right?

I couldn't even stand how clumsy I was, but Victor was extremely patient with me going through the steps. I was curious about how happy Victor seemed, though. Was he that enthused about me dancing with the director?

I practiced hard and dolled myself up to the nines just so I could give a decent account of myself, but the director ended up no-showing the event. I gave a sigh of relief and before I could leave, Victor extended a hand to me with a smile, suave and graceful, inviting me to dance.

Script[ ]


Anna: Have you heard? The entertainment company is going to hold a charity fundraiser.
MC: ...And?
Anna: There's a ball after the fundraiser.
MC: ...And?
Anna: Are you dense? You need to find a partner for the ball.
MC: But I'm just going to attend the fundraiser. Do I have to dance too?
Anna: You wouldn't if it was only the two of us-- But! Leo is attending the ball.
MC: Leo? The network head?
Anna: Yes, and for the sake of future collaboration between us, we need you to dance with him for a song.
Anna: So you better start practicing!
MC: I... Well, for the sake of future collaboration.
Anna: I heard that he's quite handsome. What would you say if a handsome man asked you to dance with him?

MC: Why, yes, of course...
I hurriedly covered my mouth after saying that and smiled at Victor, embarassed.
Victor: Very well. Stay here for the rest of the day then.
MC: What? What do you mean? Did you just say something?
Victor: I asked you if you wanted to stay here and help me.
Victor: You've agreed to it.
Victor wouldn't let me speak again. I felt helpless. That's not what I was saying yes to at all...
I was going to practice dancing in the afternoon. Now I couldn't. What should I do for tonight's ball?
I ran over some show notes with Victor, my face drawn in a scowl.
Victor: Is it time for lunch?
MC: I guess so.
Victor: There's food in the kitchen. Bring it here.
MC: Endless errands.
I left Victor's study and walked around his villa a few laps, but I couldn't find the kitchen.
His house is so big.
I passed a few more rooms and reached an empty dancing studio.
The studio had a few full-length mirrors.
MC: I didn't expect to find a dancing studio in Victor's house.
I felt nervous, hoping I wouldn't make any mistakes at the ball tonight.
I strode to the center of the dancing floor and looked at the mirror.
I studied some dance when I was little, but I quit because I was busy with school.
There could be a lot of occasions in wich I need to dance. I should have kept up with the classes...
I reached out my arms and stood on my tiptoes. After dancing for a while, I suddenly stopped. I felt like someone was watching me.
I looked back. Victor was standing at the door looking at me. He seemed interested. This man! Does he never make a sound when he walks?
MC: You! How long have you been there?
Victor: 10 minutes.
So he saw me! I broke out in a cold sweat.
MC: ...So, what do you think?
Victor: Not very good. Your first time learning to dance?
MC: I took some dancing when I was little. But I've forgotten everything.
Victor: No wonder.
Victor: Your steps and gestures are clumsy, and there are many other problems too.
MC: Ugh...
MC: (I'm going to humiliate myself at the ball tonight.)
MC: Do you dance? Can you teach me?
Victor: Do you really want me to teach you? There is no such thing as a free lunch.
MC: Is that a "no"?...
Victor walked over to me and gave me his hand.
Victor: Alright. I hope you're not a bad student.

I immediately smiled and took his hand.
Victor: Keep hold of my hand. Now, relax your body. You're too stiff right now.
MC: Oh, okay.
Victor took me by the waist.
Then he led me through the moves slowly.
Victor: Follow my lead. You'll catch on easily...
Victor: ...You stepped on me.
Now that he said it, I did feel something soft under my foot just then.
MC: Sorry!
I let go of him. I really am too clumsy.
MC: I didn't mean to do it.
Victor: Do you still want to learn?
MC: Of course I do, and I promise I won't step on you again.
Victor looked at me curiously.
Victor: Why are you so earnest today? I gather your dance partner is not an easy person to deal with.
MC: (Sighs) Yes! He's really difficult.
MC: I hope I won't embarrass him at the ball.
Victor: I see.
Victor: Let's continue then.
Why is Victor so happy today...
I posed again and awaited Victor's assessment.
MC: Like this?
Victor: Don't lower your head. Look up.
MC: Okay.
MC: Dancing is really difficult, especially when you have to learn it in a day.
MC: I can't humiliate myself in front of Leo tonight.
Victor: Who's Leo?
MC: The head of the TV station. Our company and them are collaborating soon.
MC: He's going to the charity ball tonight, and I need to dance with him.
Victor: He's your dancing partner?
MC: Yes, why?
Victor paused for a while.
Victor: Nothing...
Victor was silent for a long time. My high spirits were in stark contrast to his.
He kept teaching me, but he looked less delighted than before.

I arrived to the fundraiser on time.
Thanks to Victor letting me leave early, I had time to dress up.
Now I was waiting for the director to arrive.
Suddenly my phone vibrated. It was a message from the director.
Chief Message: I'm sorry, MC. I have an important multinational meeting tonight. So I can't come to the charity fundraiser. My apologies.
MC: This is...
I felt a bit let down. After all, I had practiced with Victor for so long.
However, problem solved.
I sent a quick reply back.
Reply Message: It's okay. I'm looking forward to working together.
I took a sigh of relief and looked around.
There were couples everywhere, so I really stuck out being there all by myself.
I should just go home since I don't have to dance.
Victor: Why are you here alone?
It was Victor's voice.
I turned around and gave him an embarrassed smile. I wondered if Victor was going to laugh at me.
MC: My partner had a meeting to attend...
Victor: So what are you going to do now?
MC: Go home I guess.
Victor: I spent all that time teaching you to dance, and you want to waste it?
Victor raised his voice. I couldn't tell if he was angry or not.


Suddenly, he smiled and extended his hand to me, like an elegant prince.
Victor: May I have this dance?
MC: (Reaching out uneasily) Is... Is that okay?


He smiled, took my hand, and dropped a light kiss on the back of it.
Victor: A student taught by me personally. Who could deny her?

Video[ ]