Cruise Date

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Summary[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

"Victor invited me to a cruise. For the first time, I boarded a cruise ship, opened my heart to him and found him so gentle."

General Requirements[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

  • Character: Victor
  • Required Intimacy: 8

Required Karma[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

The cruise was a dream vacation... until Victor went missing.

Not to spoil the trip for others, I set off to find him alone and spotted him leisurely reading a magazine by the pool! But I just lost my temper when seeing his face.

Felt like Victor was an entirely different person today, as if it was someone else in his skin. He was the polar opposite of the meticulous president of the company he had been. I believe behind that stuffy title he is just a big aloof boy with a heart of gold.

Victor must have either read my romance novels or learn it online to rattle off lines like that! Or maybe he got hacked... I don't know, but I couldn't help but turn into a babbling mess in front of him.

Script[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]


Kiki: Here! This is the best angle!
Willow: Look at the camera, guys.
Kiki: Three, two, one...
MC: Wait! Where is Victor?
Victor gave us a holiday after all the long, busy work hours. Willow, Kiki, and I decided to take a trip together.
Unable to decide on a destination, we gladly accepted when Victor invited us on a luxury cruise.
We went on a selfie-snapping spree as soon as we boarded, completely forgetting Victor's existence.
Kiki: Did the CEO get lost or something?
Willow: Not everyone gets lost as easily as you, Kiki. He's probably off dealing with business.
Kiki: After all, he's got a whole big company to manage. Isn't he so cool?
Willlow: Geez, stop drooling over our boss!
Willow: Don't worry, MC. We can go search for him together.
He might have gotten separated from us in the crowd.
I decided to just go look for him alone so that my friends could have time to enjoy themselves.
MC: I'll be right back. Have fun!

The sunshine, the ocean breeze, the cruise ship...
Everything feels just perfect.
I found Victor reading a finance magazine on a poolside lounge chair.
Noticing me sit down beside him-- cutting of his source of sunlight-- he looked up at me.
I made a face at him.
MC: We were wondering where you've gone!
Victor frowned and snatched the bag of chips I'd just bought out of my arms.
Victor: You shouldn't eat junk like that.
MC: You must lead a very boring life.
Victor: So a non-boring life means eating snacks all day?
MC: I don't eat them all day...
I scowled and put down the chips, enjoying the breeze. I always feel at peace when I'm with Victor.
MC: It's so beautiful. I wish I could live in this moment forever.
I couldn't help exclaiming as I took in the lovely view.
Victor: Why?
MC: Because the scenery is beautful.
Victor: I didn't catch that. Say it again.
MC: Because the scenery is beautiful.
Victor: I still didn't catch that.
MC: ...
I'm already speaking loudly enough, I think...
Victor let out a small chuckle, the corners of his lips lifting slightly
What? Was what I said that funny? I finally catch on as I notice the sly glint in his eyes.
MC: So you kept making me repeat the same words even though you heard them just fine?
Victor: Yeah, I heard them loud and clear.
Victor smiled even wider. I have to admit he looks rather nice smiling.
He blinked, and I noticed something stuck on his eyelashes, glittering under the sunlight.
So I leaned over-- close enough to count his lashes-- but as I did so I clean forgot why.
Victor: Penny for your thoughts?
Victor brushed his fingers through my hair. I lost the ability to speak as our eyes met.
He smiled once more, brushing the loose strands out of my eyes.
MC: I was thinking... you look really good when you smile...
MC: Uh, I mean, nothing! Pretend I never said that!
I covered my mouth, turning my face away in embarrassment.
Just in time, I spotted my friends in the distance and quickly waved them over. My saviors.
MC: Kiki! Willow! Over here!
But those traitors passed right by without sparing us a glance.
Kiki: Where did boss go? Can't find her anywhere.
Willow: She's probably gone to one of the restaurants. You know how much she loves food.
They walked off, completely ignoring my existence.
MC: Hey, I'm right here...
MC: I need better friends...

After dinner, the two troublemakers locked me out of the room, so I somehow ended up back on the deck.
Victor was there too, strolling around under the orange sunset.
Victor: What are you doing here?
MC: The girls said I needed exercise after dinner because I ate so much...
Victor couldn't help chuckling a little at my reply.
Victor: You have very smart friends.
MC: Huh? What do you mean? What does being smart have to do with that?
Victor didn't answer my questions. His smile, however, grew even bigger.
Victor: Although, you're fine just the way you are.
And what does he mean by that? I turn around to find Victor staring at me as well.
The setting sun gave his golden skin a fuzzy glow. He looked sharp, yet tender.
MC: ...Thank you for today.
Victor: Why?
MC: Thank you for giving me a holiday and bringing me somewhere so nice.
Victor: So you like travelling?
MC: Of course! I just have never had a chance since I took over the company. I really had a good time today!
Victor: You're very easily statisfied.
MC: Nah, there are still tons of places I want to explore! The more I see, the greedier I get.
MC: Beautiful scenery is just so healing, you know?
Victor continued gazing at me as I speak. I could see myself reflected in his dark eyes.
MC: You don't think so?
Victor: I don't usually like traveling.
Victor: Although, I'm quite enjoying this tedious trip at the moment.

I felt a blush creep up my cheeks and averted my eyes to gaze at the setting sun instead.
The sunset looked glorious, dyeing the cerulean ocean a brilliant rose-gold.


I'm suddenly reminded of that classic scene in Titanic. Lifting my arms, I basket in the sea breeze.
MC: "To make each day count."
Noticing my actions, Victor immediately grabbed onto my waist.
Victor: (Softly) Careful. Don't fall.
I tilted my head, smiling back at him.
MC: "You jump, I jump!"
MC: I thought Jack and Rose were silly when I watched the movie as a kid.
MC: But now, I know that, sometimes, love can indeed transcend life and death.
I giggled at the look of fond patience on Victor's face. He must have misunderstood and thought I wanted to act out the movie scene.
MC: Penny for your thoughts?
Victor: ...I'm thinking about your silly words, little idiot.
MC: Come on, give me a break!
MC: I bet you think what I said about love was stupid, huh?
Victor: Mmhmm.
I was about to argue back when Victor spoke up.
Victor: I woudn't let that happen.
With a serene smile, Victor gazed into the distance, avoiding my eyes. Perhaps, he does understand what I truly meant.
I smiled and joined him in training my gaze on the rippling waves. A contented sigh escaped my lips.
MC: I wish time could just stop forever.
Victor: Are you sure?


He came up behind me, chest pressed onto my back, hands gripping the railings in front of me.
I shook my head at a loss for words. What is he planning to do?
MC: Better let me go. We can't let the girls see us like this.
Victor immediately drew back his arms at an astonishingly fast speed.
Victor: Okay. I already got to hold you for a long time anyways.
MC: Did you? But I don't think that was very long...
MC: Probably just a few seconds?
MC: Did you do something else without me knowing?
Victor: Of course. There's a lot you don't know.
As Victor let go of me, he murmured a low "dummy" in my ear.
His voice was elegant, gentlemanly, and endlessly charming. I completely forgot to be mad at him.

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