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Event City Strolls[edit]

Birthday City Strolls[edit]

A new shop is open on Catalpa Alley. Go explore![edit]


1/3 - A new shop is open on Catalpa Alley. Go explore!

MC: Gavin, let's try out the Chinese Sichuan restaurant!
Gavin: Sichuan cuisine? I remember you don't eat spicy food.
MC: Sometimes I still wanna try! Also... whenever I have something spicy, I think of you.
Gavin: *Ahem* Let me book a table.
MC: Ugh, such a long queue.
Gavin: Let's walk around and come back later.

2/3 - Let's go to Creek Ancient Street.

MC: I saw a pair of gingko leaf earrings on Creek Ancient Street.
MC: Too bad I don't have earring holes...
Gavin: Don't look at me. I don't wear fancy earrings like these.
MC: You never know... unless you have a try.
Shop Owner: You have a good taste, sweetie! We also have ear cuffs with the same design, perfect for people without earring holes.
Gavin: I'll have a pair of the ear cuff.
MC: Oh? You said you don't like them, didn't you?
Gavin: Come near, let me put them on you.
Gavin: It's not my style, but they look really good on you.
Shop Owner: Oh, what a lovely boyfriend you have!
MC: Haha...
Gavin: It's almost our turn, let's go back to the restaurant.

3/3 - Time to go back to the Sichuan restaurant on Catalpa Alley

MC: I feel like I could eat everything on the menu...
Gavin: Don't order too much. We can come here more often.
MC: Ok... then I'll have the spicy boiled pork, duck blood curd and two portions of spicy noodles!
Waiter: How spicy do you like it, miss?
  • Medium Spicy
Gavin: Don't you normally go for mild spicy?
  • Super Spicy
Gavin: That will give your belly real pain.
Gavin: (Turns to the waiter) Mild spicy for all, please.
Waiter: Sure!
MC: Minor tells me you love spicy food so much that you can't bear anything plain.
Gavin: Probably, but when I'm with you, the mild taste is just right for me.

It's raining. Buy an umbrella on Sunshine Alley.[edit]


1/3 - It's raining. Buy an umbrella on Sunshine Alley.

MC: It rains each time I forgot to take am umbrella. I should get one at the shop!
MC: The last one left.
Girl: Excuse me... can you let me have this umbrella?
MC: Oh? Oh yes, but it's too heavy for a little girl like you. How about... let me take you to where you want to go?
Girl: Thank you! Please send me to the hospital.
MC: Are you feeling unwell?
Girl: No. I'm visiting my mom.
MC: Let's some fruit before going.

2/3 - Hurry to the hospital near the subway station to visit my mom!

MC: Huh? That guy looks familiar...
MC: Gavin? The blood is all over your body! Are you bleeding?
Gavin: I'm ok, it's not my blood.
Gavin: I ran into a robbery on the way, and helped a bit.
Gavin: Why are you in the hospital? Are you sick?
MC: No, I'm just sending this girl to visit her mom.
Gavin: You're kind as always.
MC: I just didn't think too much...
MC: Do you have an umbrella? It's raining heavily outside. We can go home together.
Gavin: Um, let's go together.

3/3 - Go home along the Morrow Way.

MC: It's you sending me home again...
Gavin: Oh, you want to walk me home then?
MC: I sure do.
Gavin: I'll let you next time. Now go home and take a break.
MC: You too.

Go to Sunshine Alley for some birthday gift ideas ![edit]


1/3 - Go to Sunshine Alley for some birthday gift ideas!

MC: What gift should I give to Gavin...?
Willow: Boss, you've been struggling over this like for ages...
MC: But he never tells me what he really likes and dislikes. I have no idea where to start.
Willow: Think of it in a different way. You don't have to give he something he likes.
Willow: Perhaps do something moving him into tears...
MC: (Recalling the Sichuan cuisine we had together, I suddenly came up with a good idea.
MC: Thanks, Willow! Can you go to the supermarket with me?

2/3 - Try out the underground market at New Light Mall.

MC: Chili powder, black pepper, chili oil...Ugh, what spice should I go for?
Willow: Boss, did you misunderstand what I mean by "moving into tears"?
MC: But, Gavins loves spicy food...
Willow: I see! I actually thought you were going to play a prank...
MC: Come on, I ain't gonna play a prank on our birthday boy.
Willow: Shhh!
  • What's wrong?
Gavin: Birthday...Whose birthday?
  • Umm don't cover my mouth !
Gavin: Prank? What prank?
MC: Ahaha, hey, Gavin, you're here! Guess what, we were just talking about a new show.
Gavin: What are you going to buy?
MC: Oh yes...the...the Chili oil! Any recommendations? You're a spice professional.
Gavin: Chili oil is good.
Gavin: But when you eat with them, don't add too much.
MC: Yes, sir!
MC: (Whew! Almost gave me away...)
Gavin: Where are going afterwards?
MC: I'll head home.
Gavin: Then I can give you a ride.

3/3 - Let me walk you to the subway station.

MC: Thanks! Pull over right here.
Gavin: Okay, tell you when you're in.

Pick some lavender from the flower shop on Sunshine Alley.[edit]


1/3 - Pick some lavender from the flower shop on Sunshine Alley.

MC: The two types of lavender have very different prices...
MC: What's the difference?
Waiter: These ones are home-made. Those ones are imported.
MC: I'll have a boutique of those! Thanks.
MC: Good, they're expensive for a reason.

2/3 - Never thought to meet a deadly foe at Verdant Plaza near the subway.

Fortune Teller: Hey, flower girl. Your life palace shows sign of dark clouds, which denotes you're in bad luck cycle. Get the protection amulet for youself?
  • No thanks
Fortune Teller: Hey, don't leave! I'm just kindly reminding you!
  • I don't believe in superstition.
Fortune Teller: Good luck resides where men believe it resides... It won't hurt if you get one for good luck.
Gavin: She said no. Don't you hear?
MC: Gavin?!
Fortune Teller: How dare you put your hand on me! The lightning bolts would come down on you!
Gavin: Nonsense. Get back to the police station with me.
MC: Arresting the fraud is also your duty?
Gavin: I happen to be free. So I can take care of some small business like this.
Gavin: I didn't expect to meet you here.

3/3 - Go with me back to the police station on Morrow Way.

MC: I've given my statements. I'm heading home now.
Gavin: I'll give you a ride.
  • I'll go myself.
Gavin: It's dark outside. I'll get worried.
  • Sure.
Gavin: Let's go.
MC: It's time for dinner. How about grabbing a meal together?
Gavin: Sure, I know a place on Catalpa Alley.
MC: Isn't it too far from here?
Gavin: It won't be if we fly there.
Gavin: Hold me tight.

Haven't been to the music classroom in the Gallery for a while.[edit]


MC: I thought we were looking for birthday ideas for Gavin... why are we here ?
MC: He's interested in piano?
Minor: Yeeees, super interested! But don't tell him I told you this.
MC: That's even more suspicious...
Minor: I, Minor, swear to this light tube that I never...
MC: See, the light tube turns off.
Shop Owner: Who's playing there?
Minor: Calm down, sir. We're getting you a new light tube!

2/3 - Buy a new light tube at New Light Mall for me.

MC: Minor, ugh... do you remember what the light tube was like in the instrument store?
Minor: Just in case... I've taken out the broken tube!
MC: Don't expect me to praise you. You're the one to blame in the first place.
Minor: Boss, stop being angry with me...

3/3 - Go back to the Gallery to change the light tube !

MC: Wow-- I heard they're NOT making this piano any more!
Shop Owner: Miss, if you wanna try it, go ahead. It's a reward for buying the light tube.
Shop Owner: It's broken already, not your fault.
MC: How can you...!
SHop Owner:'s because you look easy to trick...
Gavin: That's why you asked her to run the errands?
MC: Gavin! Why are you here?
MC: The owner is just making a joke. No big deal.
MC: Oh right, Minor told me you're interested in piano. Do you wanna hear me play?
Gavin: Sure, since you asked.
MC: (Gavin's smile is attractive indeed...)

Go to New Light Mall for fabrics.[edit]


1/3 - Go to New Light Mall for fabrics.

MC: I didn’t know there are shops specializing in cloth.
MC: So many kinds of cloth. This is really difficult to choose.
Shop Assistant: What are you looking for, miss?
  • Something comfortable
Shop Assistant: How about silk one? Silk cloth is cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Something beautiful
Shop Assistant: How about this pattern? It's one of our most popular designs.
MC: Both are good. But not for guys I suppose…
Shop Assistant: Try out our branch store on Creek Ancient Street. This’s the address.
MC: All right, thanks.

2/3 - Check the branch on Creek Ancient Street.

MC: Finally got what I want!
MC: Excuse me, can you give me 5 meters of this?
Shop Owner: For that particular cloth, we don’t sell them in pieces. Have another look?
MC: I have looked enough. This is just what I want. Sir, please?
Shop Owner: No means no.
MC: All right, then pack it for me.

3/3 - Didn’t expect to meet you at the subway station.

MC: I failed to grab a cab. Now I have to take the subway.
Gavin: What’re you buying this time?
MC: (Why this birthday boy shows up every single time when I’m buying gifts?!)
Gavin: Lemme carry it for you.
MC: No I’ll carry it myself!
Gavin: Isn’t it heavy?
MC: Yep.
Gavin: Then give it to me. It’s not heavy for me.
MC: … Well, thanks.
MC: (Finger crossed he didn’t see what’s inside the bag...)

Just for You City Strolls[edit]

You've agreed to meet Gavin at New Light Mall. Hurry up![edit]


1/3 - You've agreed to meet Gavin at New Light Mall. Hurry up!

MC: Didn't you say you wanted to go to the aquarium? Why are we going to New Light Mall? Is there something you want to buy?
Gavin: Yeah, let's go buy a light bulb first.
MC: Light bulb?
Gavin: Didn't you just say on the phone that the light in your office went out again, and the maintenance person takes forever to come?
MC: Oh, I was just blowing off some steam...
Gavin: I know, but we've got plenty of time. I'll help you take care of it.
MC: You don't really have to go through the trouble.
Gavin: It's no trouble.
Cashier: One energy-efficient light bulb. Anything else?
Gavin: That's all.
Cashier: Alright, have a nice day.

2/3 - First, go to your office on Finance Street to change the light bulb.

Gavin: Are none of your colleagues in today?
MC: Right, today's Saturday after all. I was just here by myself this morning catching up on work.
Gavin: Don't give yourself so much pressure. You'll wear yourself out.
MC: I won't! And anyway, I still have you to take me to the aquarium, right?
Gavin: Yeah, I guess you're right.

3/3 - C'mon, let's go to the aquarium near the subway station.

Gavin: Smile.
MC: Hm?
Gavin: Got it.
MC: What?
Gavin: A picture.
MC: Huh? Lemme see!
Gavin: No way.
MC: What?!

Borrow some books from the Loveland University library.[edit]


1/3 - Borrow some books from the Loveland University library.

Gavin: Where are you?
MC: I'm inside the Loveland University library. Hang on, it's too quiet in here. I'll go outside so we can talk.
Gavin: Loveland University?
MC: That's right! I was going to get some books, do a little self-enrichment.
Gavin: I need to buy some books too. A new bookstore just opened on Sunshine Alley, wanna go?
MC: Alright.
Gavin: Okay, I'm at the police station. Come over here and we'll walk over together.
MC: Okay, I'll be there in a bit.

2/3 - Come find me at the Morrow Way police station.

Gavin: You're finally here.
MC: Sorry for making you wait. I had found too many books at the library, and it took some time putting them all back.
Gavin: Oh, so that's why.
MC: Oh?
Gavin: It's fine. I thought maybe you ran into someone you know and were chatting for awhile.
MC: No, nothing like that.
Gavin: Alright, let's go to that bookstore on Sunshine Alley.

3/3 - Let's go to a bookstore on Sunshine Alley.

MC: Wow, this bookstore looks incredible!
Gavin: Really is something. What kind of books are you looking for. I'll help you look.
MC: Thank you so much.

You've agreed to meet Gavin at Brocade Park. Hurry up![edit]


1/3 - You've agreed to meet Gavin at Brocade Park. Hurry up!

MC: The ancient town up ahead seems to be getting ready for some kind of event.
Gavin: Wanna go check it out?
MC: Yeah!
Gavin: There's a lot of people. Give me your hand and don't wander.

2/3 - You wanna check out Creek Ancient Street? Let's go.

MC: It appears Kiro is holding a concert here tonight. No wonder there's so many people.
Gavin: ...Let's go. We can watch a movie on Catalpa Alley.
MC: Alright.

3/3 - Nothing interesting here. Shall we go back to Catalpa Alley?

Staff: Hello, which movie will you be seeing?
Gavin: What do you want to see?
MC: Let's watch this one. It seems to be getting good reviews.
Gavin: Okay. Two tickets.
Staff: There are showings at five and seven. Which one do you want?
Gavin: Seven.
Staff: Okay, here's your change.
MC: Seven? It'll be almost nine when the movie's over.
Gavin: Right, just in time to take you home.
MC: Right, okay.

You've agreed to meet Gavin on Catalpa Alley. Hurry up![edit]


1/3 - You've agreed to meet Gavin on Catalpa Alley. Hurry up!

Why is Gavin not here yet? It's not like him to be late.:
Gavin: Sorry, I got held up by something.
MC: That's okay, I just got here too.
Gavin: This... is for you.
MC: Huh? What's this?
Gavin: ...
MC: I guess I'll open it. It's a... pbfff!
Gavin: ...If you want to laugh, just laugh.
MC: I wasn't laughing on purpose. It's just...
Gavin: I know it looks ugly.
MC: No way! It's a cute little cake. It's just... a little unusual looking. I'm sure it tastes good though!
Gavin: ...I hope you enjoy it.
MC: Creek Ancient Street up ahead has lots of benches. Let's go there and sit awhile. We can eat the cake and then keep shopping.
Gavin: Okay.

2/3 - Let's go over to Westmoon Street. There's some benches.

MC: This is delicious! Try some!
Gavin: Yeah, not bad.
MC: All done!
Gavin: Then let's keep shopping. Didn't you want me to go clothes-shopping with you?

3/3 - Go back to Catalpa Alley for some more shopping.

MC: Right! Oh yeah, what made you think of making a cake all of a sudden? I was really surprised.
Gavin: I had nothing else to do, so I thought I'd give it a try. Although, you shouldn't go around eating gifts that other people give you.
MC: Oh? Why?
Gavin: It's not safe. What if someone wants to do you harm?
MC: Got it! I'll keep that in mind.
Gavin: Aside from me, even if it's from someone you know, you have to be careful.
MC: Buy... my friends would never hurt me...
Gavin: What if the thing was tampered with without them knowing? That's why you have to be extra careful.
MC: Oh, I see.

You've agreed to meet Gavin on Sunshine Alley. Hurry up![edit]


1/3 - You've agreed to meet Gavin on Sunshine Alley. Hurry up!

Gavin: Is that all you're wearing?
MC: Oh? It doesn't look good...?
Gavin: I'm worried you'll catch cold.
MC: I'm not cold at all though.
Gavin: Oh really? Your hands are frozen though. Put on my jacket.
MC: Fine...
Gavin: Some day, I'd like to take you to Lake Misty, but today let's go to the art museum. It'll be warm inside, and it's nearby.
MC: Either one sounds fine.

2/3 - Let's go to the art museum.

Flower Peddler: Sir, would you like to buy your girlfriend some flowers?
MC: Uh, well...
Gavin: Sure, I'll buy the whole lot.
Flower Peddler: Gee, thanks, Mister! I hope you two start a big family and grow old together!
Gavin: Pbfff.
MC: Huh? These kids today... I mean really...
Gavin: Here, your flowers.
MC: So many...
Gavin: There will be even more next time.
MC: So, um... I'm hungry. Let's go eat something.
Gavin: Okay. There's a good restaurant by Brocade Park. Let's go there.
MC: Sounds good.

3/3 - Let's get something to eat in Brocade Park.

Gavin: What do you think? Do you like it?
MC: Yeah! Delicious!

Go shopping with Gavin on Morrow Way today![edit]


1/3 - Go shopping with Gavin on Morrow Way today!

MC: Is New Light Mall up ahead?
Gavin: Want to go stroll around?
MC: Can we? I actually wasn't planning to go to New Light Mall today...
Gavin: Of course we can.

2/3 - Let's go to New Light Mall.

MC: New Light Mall is packed today.
Gavin: Let's just take our time.
MC: Alright.
MC: Oh? This pendant...
Gavin: You like this pendant?
MC: I do. It's fluffy like a snowball, and it's got a gingko leaf on it!
Gavin: Yeah.
MC: Do you like it too?
Gavin: Sure, everything you like is great.
MC: Bought it. Let's head over to Verdant Plaza near the subway station soon.
Gavin: Alright, let's go.

3/3 - Let's go to the Verdant Plaza near the subway station.

MC: There's really not too many people at Verdant Plaza. Oh yeah, this pendant is for you.
Gavin: Isn't this the one you just bought at New Light Mall?
MC: Right, they're sold in pairs, and I also wanted to get a little something for you today...
Gavin: Thanks. I really like it.
MC: Hehe, then great.