City Stroll

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The City Stroll is a game mode unlocked after completing Main Story (Normal): 4-9. which can be reset every Monday after 5:00 AM (UTC-8).

Mechanics[ ]

City Stroll missions are side quests which players can run through to earn Gems, Intimacy, Stamina, Gold, and other items.

Completing Strolls[ ]

There are two ways to complete strolls:

  • Automatically - Tap "Auto On" to start and your character will automatically run through the City Stroll missions.
  • Manually - Tap "Go" to start. Tap the destination name once you've arrived at the place where there'll be a short story segment and potential choices.

Speeding Up Strolls[ ]

There are two ways to speed up strolls:

  • VIP - With VIP status, it is possible to increase the speed of the character by 2x when completing City Strolls.
  • Power Walk cards - The Power Walk card is an item that can be used to automatically complete 1 City Stroll. These are obtained either as developer gifts or purchased from Evol Supply.

Resetting[ ]

Every Monday after 5:00 AM (UTC-8), a player can reset the stroll 2 times each.

Rewards[ ]

Accumulated Rewards[ ]

Completing all the challenges will reward the player with:

  • Gold x30000
  • Stamina x195
  • Encounter Wish x57
  • Brand Basics x6
  • Creative Thinking x6
  • Startup PR x6
  • Camera Language x6

Special Rewards[ ]

  • Gems: Complete 150 rounds to earn 100 Gems
  • Intimacy: Complete 50 rounds to earn 100 Intimacy

The following table is a breakdown of all the rewards for each set of rounds.

Cumulative Rewards For Each Set of Rounds
50 Rounds 100 Rounds 150 Rounds
  • Gold x10000
  • Stamina x35
  • Encounter Wish x10
  • Brand Basics x1
  • Creative Thinking x1
  • Startup PR x1
  • Camera Language x1
  • Gold x10000
  • Stamina x65
  • Encounter Wish x20
  • Brand Basics x2
  • Creative Thinking x2
  • Startup PR x2
  • Camera Language x2
  • Gold x10000
  • Stamina x95
  • Encounter Wish x27
  • Brand Basics x3
  • Creative Thinking x3
  • Startup PR x3
  • Camera Language x3