Cape Holiday (Event): Your 'Starry Sky'

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To thank him for those "stars", I decided to prepare a special "gift" for Gavin.
To keep his "gift" a surprise, I hid from Gavin the whole day, preparing the food and other things.
But to my surprise, Gavin's face looked more and more unhappy.
When evening finally came, I led Gavin to my secret spot-- a candlelit dinner on the beach.
Gavin: What's this?
A look of surprise flashed across Gavin's face.
MC: A candlelit dinner on the beach! Caught and cooked by yours truly!
The night sky and the sea faded into each other in the distance. Candles lit up the white sand.
Gavin: So this is why you've been hiding from me all day?
Seeing his slightly raised eyebrows, I suddenly had an awkward feeling.
MC: Yeah... Uh... You don't like it? Are you mad?
Gavin: ... I'm not mad.
MC: ...?
After a little while, Gavin seemed to relax. He had a look in his eye I'd never seen before.
Gavin: You don't need to go through all this trouble.
MC: It wasn't trouble. I just... I wanted to give you a patch of stars too...
Gavin looked at me without a word, an earnest look in his eye. After a long time, he finally spoke.
Gavin: I think this is great, but don't hide from me like that again.
Gavin: Got it?
I nodded. Across the table, Gavin's face under the candlelight seemed to have a hint of a smile.
He looked both hazy and vivid at the same time, and his resolute profile seemed so soften.